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Retired Telecom Officers' Welfare Association (Regd.)

Mumbai Association members List

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1. Settlement of bills in respect of Service/Concessional Telecom facilities by MTNL for BSNL & vis-versa.

      As decided earlier that the bills of residential service  telephone connection of the retired employees of MTNL residing in NCR area in Delhi and other areas of Mumbai shall be reimbursed.  But, MTNL, Delhi and Mumbai both are facing lot of problems.

    On our request, ED(O) Corporate Office called us on 6.5.2008 in this connection.  A letter No. MTNL/CO/GM(comml.)/Settlement of bills/ MTNL-BSNL/2007 of 9.8.2008 for reimbursement of telephone bills of 9 months i.e. October, 2007 to July, 2008.  Later on, orders for reimbursement upto October, 2008 were issued.

    But, the reimbursement of the bills for 1.10.2006 to 30.9.2007 is not made.  Taken up the case with Director(Finance) and ED(O). It is learnt from reliable sources that the case is being settled and orders are going to be issued earliest.


2.  Formation of R.T.O.W.A. in Mumbai.

       R.T.O.W.A, Mumbai has been formed.  President, General secretary, Treasurer of RTOWA Delhi are visiting  Mumbai on 5.1.2009


3.   Affiliation with R.T.O.W.A. Jodhpur

        R.T.O.W.A. Jodhpur (Rajasthan) is affiliated to us.



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