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Retired Telecom Officer's Welfare Association (Regd.)

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FOR Sample Retirement forms, Medical Forms for OPD Card and Indoor medical Card, OPD form and other related information of Retiring Employees.


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21-12-2014 - RTOWA DELHI Membership List updated upto 21st  Dec 2014 is uploaded below.

If any discrepancy is noticed by any member or any modification is required please send SMS to S K Bhatia on phone No. 9968293370


RTOWA LIST UPDATED UPTO 21st DEC 2014 - click here to download file





18-12-2014– A meeting of United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations was held in Kidwai Bhawan at 2.30 PM on 18th December 2014.  From RTOWA Sh M K Bagchi , Sh S S Nanda , Sh R K Mudgal, Sh S N Pandey & Sh Radha Kishan attended the meeting. The issue of unity among the constituents was discussed . After discussion all constituents present agreed to work with unity in the larger interest of employees and retirees and further constituents will not make any negative statement  against any other constituent of UF to maintain unity. GS RTOWA Sh S S Nanda informed the representatives about the latest developments in Preparation of PPO Books by Pr. CCA Office Delhi.

The issues discussed were  (a) Payment of Pension revision arrears (b) 78.2%  IDA neutralization (c) One time option to prorata optees (d) CGHS medical facilities.





17-12-2014 –PPO BOOK WORK Preparation by DOT - RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda & VP Sh R K Mudgal met CCA Sh G K Singh to pursue the case of PPO Books preparation of Current and old retirees.  It is a Good News that  Pr CCA Office has issued the PPO Books of 7 retirees of Nov-14 and they will be paid regular pension and not the provisional pension. Total 7 PPO books of Nov-14 retirees have been issued by Pr CCA office out of 13 cases received from MTNL Delhi. Total retirees of Nov-14 are 35. MTNL Delhi has not sent the cases for rest of the retirees. The PPO Books of June &July 14 are ready and may be disbursed on 24th Dec 14. PPO Books work of Aug, Sep & Oct  2014 retirees could not be prepared due to inadequate staff and other means. Association leaders had a telephonic discussion with Sh B K Mittal ED Delhi. ED Delhi On telephonic discussion informed that he has left with no issue. He in formed that GM(Fin) has been directed to do the work in coordination with Pr CCA Office. He further told that he will ask  GM(F) to expedite the work. GS & VP also met Sh Sultan Ahmed GM(F)  and discussed the issue elaborately. He assured that he will go to Pr. CCA Office to discuss the problems raised by Association leaders and will sort out all the matter. GM(F) also told that orders of  34 officers and staff for posting to Pr. CCA office have been issued. They will be given one week training about pension work to make them comfortable with pension work and will then  be posted with CCA office.

As per statistics provided by Pr. CCA office the month wise details of Retirees and PPO Books is tabulated below-


Total retiree cases

Cases Received in CCA Office

PPO Books prepared

Cases Pending with MTNL Delhi.
































































11-12-2014 –Bharat Broad Band Network Limited (BBNL) a govt. PSU has advertised vacancies for hiring of consultants for its Delhi office and different other offices in India. For details please check BBNL website -> about bbnl -> vacancies . The last date is 31ST DEC 2014.


06-Dec-2014- RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgil met various authorities in MTNL & Pr CCA office and persuaded the retirees case.

The PPO Books of June-2014 retirees have been prepared and the letters will be issued after deciding the final date of distribution of PPO books. It is expected that PPO books to June-14 retirees will be issued in 10 – 15 days.
Reimbursement of Telephone bills to those residing is NCR area – The cases pending in ED Office has been settled except where documents are not complete. The bills will be sent to Pension cell for payment.
OPD Medical reimbursement – after persuation of Assocaition leaders MTNL CO has released the funds for OPD Medical reimbursement. The payment will be made by ECS by 10th dec-2014.
Indoor Medical Cards – Indoor medical cards for retirees have been prepared and are being sent by post. All the cards will be sent by the end of this month.
RSTS of Retirees of Apr-14 onwards –
RSTC  orders for extension have been issued for those retirees for whom PPO books has not been issued. Click below to download the letter.

RSTC Extension Letter - click here to download orders

02-12-2014 – RTOWA Delhi Leaders met C M D, MTNL

President and General Secretary RTOWA met C.M.D.,MTNL today to discuss the following issues related to MTNL Pension :-

1)  Discussed the status of ongoing efforts to issue of PPO Books to those who retired since April,2014. This is both for Delhi & Mumbai.

2)  Discussed about provide impetus to the work of issuance of DOT PPO Books to those who retired upto 31st.March,2014. Requested to iron out the hindrances in the way of progress in discussion with D O T.

(3)  Discussed about the prospect of payment of pension arrears to all such retirees who retired prior to 1.1.2007 and opted for combined pension. It has been insisted that the payment of arrears can be made in league with DOT through the same mechanism as is being adopted now for disbursement of pension every month.

To this CMD’s response is in affirmative but he advises us to wait till DOT starts taking over the pension of pre-April,2014 retirees by way of issuance of DOT  PPO Books.

4. We also drew the attention of CMD to some erroneous part of GM(F)’s,MTNL letter to DOT regarding payment of revision of pension arrears to VRS Retirees  and  making provision of payment of pension arrears for all  . CMD has assured to look into this and take corrective measures, if required.


NEWS DATED 29-11-2014

G/S has written to CMD MTNL DELHI REGARDING WRONG INFORMATION PROVIDED TO MEMBER (F) BY GM (F) CO MTNL DELHI that Revised Pension to those retirees who opted for VRS w'e,f 1-1-2006 is being paid since O1-O1-2O12.

click here for copy of letter

GIVEN BELOW IS THE APPEAL ISSUED BY Dy. CCA (Pension), Office of the Pr.CCA, Delhi Region DoT Building, Prasad Nagar, New Delhi-110005 e-Mail : Fax : 011-5730061

Tel : 011-25730060




                APPEAL TO DOT/MTNL/BSNL Retirees

The work of revision of pre 2006 Pension cases is going on in the office of Pr. CCA, DOT Building Prashad Nagar, New Delhi. But due to shortage of staff in this office the speed of revision is slow. In order to revise the all cases at the earliest for the benefit of all Pensioners an

Appeal is hereby issued to all DOT/BSNL/MTNL retirees who know pension work to come forward and give their voluntary service to this office so that all pre 2006 pension cases can be revised at the earliest.

Dy. CCA (Pension)

Documents required for Pensioners of Apr-14 Onwards for Pr. CCA Office - click here to download file


















Annual general body meeting RTOWA Delhi was held at 11.30 Hrs on 12-11-2014 at CTO Auditorium.  Five office Bearers of RTOWA Mumbai viz. President Sh K Jawahar , Vice Preseident Sh S V Gazam , General Secy Sh Badri Pathak, AGS Sh M R Dixit & Treasurer  Sh J B Chilgar and a massive gathering of RTOWA Delhi attended the meeting.  President Sh M K Bagchi welcomed  the Office Bearers of RTOWA Mumbai and all the RTOWA Delhi members. He briefed the house about the activities of association on various issues of the retirees. One minute silence was observed in the memory of our departed souls viz. Sh B S verma Executive Member, Sh J S Kohli, Sh Sukhbir Singh Tyagi and Sh Shyam Parkash Harit Brother in law of VP Sh R K Mudgil. Officee bearers of RTOWA Mumbai was welcomed by presenting bouquet of flowers. Sh S S Nanda in GS report welcomed the members and congratulated them for their cooperation and efforts in getting the Govt. Pension. In his report he deliberated on Pension issues viz. Preparation of PPO Books, Provisional Pension for the retirees who retired on or after Apr-2014,Payment of pensionary benefits , Payment of arrears due to revision of pension for VRS and normal retirees, VRS Issues, Payment of arrears from 1-1-2006 to 31-12-2006 on account of recommendation of 6th  Pay Commission, Time Bound promotion of VRS Optees, Indoor and OPD Medical facility and CGHS Medical Facility, Coordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi, Joint Forum of Retired MTNL Unions and Associations, United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations and Tour Committee.

Sh S K Bhatia Convener Tour Committee thanked all the participants of tours and the tour committee members for their cooperation and efforts in making the tours a big success. He specifically thanked GS Sh S S Nanda, VP sh R K Mudgil , AGS Sh Radha Kishan for theit efforts and cooperation in organizing the tours. He gave the future proposed tour to Haridwar & Rishikesh by bus and Ujjain (mahakaleshwra Jyotirling) and Omkareshwar Jyotirling by Train.

Sh K Jawahar President RTOWA Mumbai and Sh Badri Pathak GS RTOWA Mumbai addressed the gathering and highlighted the various issues being undertaken and faced by the members.

OPEN HOUSE SESSION of RTOWA started at 3 PM. Sh S N Pandey Vice President welcomed all the Dignatries and office bearers present. He gave a brief note of aims, objectives and activities of RTOWA. Sh A K Garg Ex CMD MTNL was the Chief Guest and Sh R K Purwar CMD MTNL was the Guest of Honour. Other Guests of Honour were Sh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA , Amit Gupta AGS AIBSNLREA, Sh A K Kaushik GS TEAM, Sh V K Tomar GS MEA, Sh I S Hora GS P&RP Association. RTOWA Mumbai office bearers viz. President Sh K Jawahar , Vice Preseident Sh S V Gazam , General Secy Sh Badri Pathak, AGS Sh M R Dixit & Treasurer  Sh J B Chilgar were also present .All the Guests were welcomed by presenting bouquet of flowers by Delhi and Mumbai Office Bearers. Sh S S Nanda GS in his key note address highlighted the issues of Preparation of PPO Books, Provisional Pension, Payment of pensionary benefits , Payment of arrears of pension , VRS Issues, Medical facilities.

Sh M K Bagchi President Honoured Sh A K Garg Ex CMD MTNL by presenting a Shawl. Sh S S Nanda GS honoured him by presenting a memento. Mumbai Office bearers honoured him by presenting a memento. Sh Bagchi in his address thanked Sh A K Garg for his extraordinary efforts in achieving the Govt. pension. He also thanked CMD   Sh P K Purwar for his whole hearted support and efforts to get the govt. pension. Sh Amit Gupta praised the role of Sh Garg while working as CGM Kolkatta. Sh Prahlad Rai thanked Sh Garg for the role he played for BSNL Employees while working in BSNL and for his role in achieving Govt. pension for MTNL retirees. Sh V K Tomar GS MEA praised RTOWA for the excellent role they are playing for the retirees of  MTNL and their efforts in achieving Govt. Pension. He highlighted the various issues taken by Sh Garg for the welfare of the Employees and thanked him for his efforts in achieving Govt. Pension. Sh A K Kaushik thanked the RTOWA for holding such a nice function. He praised and thanked Sh A K Garg for his marvelous work in achieving Govt. Pension for MTNL retirees. He asked the management to solve the long pending issue of 78.2% pay fixation and CGHS facility. Sh K Jawahar and Sh Badri Pathak thanked Sh Garg for his support and efforts in achieving Govt. Pension and raised the issue of pay fixation at 78.2% to MTNL Employees and retirees.

Sh P K Purwar CMD MTNL thanked the RTOWA for arranging such a nice function to honour Sh A K Garg. He eleborated on all the pending issues. He told that MTNL is ready to pay the arrears of Pension if DOT agrees to refund them as in case of Pension.

VP Sh Sheel Kumar thanked all the dignitaries ,Office bearers of Mumbai and all the members of RTOWA to make this function a grand success.

Meeting with Advisor(Fin) DOT -- GS Sh S S Nanda , VP Sh. R K Mudgal along with Mumbai President Sh K Jawahar , GS Sh Badri Pathak , met Adv(Fin) DOT Mrs. Nirmala Pillai on 13-11-2014. Association leaders thanked her for taking keen interest in expediting payment of provisional pension , pensionary benefits and preparation of PPO Books of retirees from apr-14.

Representatives asked her to use her good office to expedite the preparation work of PPO Books of retirees upto Mar-2014 in a time frame manner and also to resolve the issue of staff , space and infrastructure in coordination with MTNL management. She told that she will see that it is done expeditiously. Representatives also requested her for payment of arrears of pension revision . representatives told that MTNL is ready to pay the Arrears of pension if it is reimbursed by DOT She told that she will look into the matter and issue instructions accordingly.








More photos of the OPEN HOUSE Session will be available on other link soon-

7-11-2014 - RTOWA Members List has been corrected incorporating all the suggestions / modifications received and observed till 6th November 2014.

If any discrepancy is still noticed please intimate by SMS to S K Bhatia on phone no. 9968293370.

The list is given below-

RTOWA MEMBERS LIST Coreected upto 6th Nov 2014 - click here to download file

07-11-2014 - RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met Sh G K Singh CCA to discuss various issues. (i) PPO Books will be distributed to the retirees of Apr-14 on 17th, 18th & 19th Nov-2014 in CCA Office Parshad Nagar. (ii) Provisional Pension & Other retirement benefits have been released to the retirees of Jul-2014. (iii) Further no case of Provisional Pension is pending in CCA Office as on date. CCA assured that as and when sanction from MTNL is received Pension & Other benefits will be released at the earliest possible. (iv) – Issue of PPO Books to retirees upto Mar-14 could not be started due to insufficient staff, space & infrastructure. (v) Savings certificates of April-2014 onwards are to be given in CCA Office Parshad Nagar.

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal, VP Sh S N Pandey, Treasurer Sh P S Bhayana, AGS Sh Radha Kishan met GM(F) Delhi Sh Sultan Ahmed to discuss & expedite pending pension and other issues. (i) Associations leaders requested GM(F) to send the cases of Provisional pension of retirees of Aug, Sep & Oct-2014 to the CCA. He assured that the cases of Aug & sep -2014 retirees will be sent to CCA Office within 2-3 days. (ii) For staff, space & infrastructure GM(F) told that it is an administrative matter and will be handled by concerned unit.

Life Certificate of Pensioners retired upto Mar-2014 are to be given in Pension cell of Eastern Court.

For new Indoor Medical cards Form is to be submitted to TPA office above CTO Canteen at the earliest.

27-10-2014 – Earned leave payment has been paid to the retiree upto June-2014 of Delhi and Mumbai. Association is perusing very hard in the CO to release the payment of July onwards.

Sh G K Singh CCA told VP Sh R K Mudgal ,on telephonic discussion, that PPO Books of Apr-14 retiree are likely to be prepared by the end of this month and will be issued shortly.

It is gathered that the pension for the month of Oct-14 to the retirees upto Mar-14 will be paid by MTNL and reimbursed by DOT.

31-10-2014 -  MTNL CO has sent a letter to Member(fin) DOT for payment of pension due to pension revision and Arears of Pension of VRS Optees.
for copy of letter click the link below-

MTNL CO Letter to Member(fin) DOT For Apyement of Arears of Pension and VRS - click here to download file

Indoor Medical form - click here to download file

19-09-2014-MTNL CO Has issued orders for Further retention of RSTS for Retired MTNL Employees for retired w.e.f April-2014 onwards - click here to download file

20-09-2014 -GS has written a letter to GM(Fin) MTNL Delhi for payment of full pension till payment of Commuted value of Pension -click here to download file


08-09-2014 - Joint Forum has written a letter to CMD for meeting. For copy of Letter please click the link below-

For medical queries members are requested to contact the following:


1.   R.K. MUDGAL  27572222    9868501222

2.   S.N.PANDE      22544444    9868134577

3.   M P PURI         25224040    9868817065

4.   S.K.DABRAL    25995252    9013467101    

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


RSTC Calls Orders by Scale like E5 - click here to download file

FOR MTNL LETTER FOR TDS ON LEAVE ENCAHMENT>>>>click here to download file

1-10-2012  - NEW TPA for indoor medical w.e.f.1-10-2012,


Medi assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.



Raman – 9350659033

Add- B-20 Sector-2, Opposite – HCLComnet , near Sector-15 Metro Station NOIDA -2012301 (UP)

Ph: 0120-4628200, 0120-4628201.

Kindly wait for more details.



(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.

GB Open Nov 14----click here to download file

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