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Retired Telecom Officers' Welfare Association (Regd.)

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Varun Kumar 7428829735

22-02-2015 - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING – Executive Committee Meeting of RTOWA Delhi will be held on 7th Mar 2015 (Saturday) at 2PM in room No. 556 Kidwai Bhawan. All the Executive Members and recently retired Executives are requested to attend the meeting.

27-02-2015 – Today Sh G K Singh CCA Delhi unit held a combined meeting of GM’s (Fin) Delhi & Mumbai units and related officers of CCA and MTNL Delhi and Mumbai  involved in the pension work and preparation of PPO Books of old retirees so as to discuss the problems and gear up the process so that the work is completed in time. Our Association is also pursuing these issues very hard at all the levels for a long time.

GS  RTOWA Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal met joint CCA and GM(Fin) Delhi and discussed all the pension related issues and progress of preparation work of PPO Books of old retirees. Detail of discussion is as under –

  1. CCA unit has prepared pension for the month of Feb-15 of 7068 out of 7093 pensioners. 25 cases are having either pension account problem or other discrepancies in the forms.

  2. 654 pensioners have not submitted ECS and Mandate forms till date. They are advised to complete the formalities at the earliest. Delhi unit is sending last and final notice to these pensioners. DOT will not release the pension till the said forms are submitted.

  3. 27 Pensioners are still having their pension account in private banks. These pensioners are advised to open their pension account in the Nationalized banks only, as already informed by pension cell. Also the pensioners who are having less than 10 digit  old bank Account Nos. are advised to get their account Nos corrected in the pension cell.

  4. Pension unit of Delhi has sent 73 Service Books to CCA Unit for preparation of PPO Books till date i.e on an average about 8 to 10 cases per day which is a very meager figure to meet the target of  DOT. DOT has fixed the target of 1000 cases per month. Association representatives requested GM(Fin) to increase the numbers so that the target of DOT can be achieved. He told that initially there were some problems but he assured to expedite the work in coming days.

  5. Provisional pensioners having pending disciplinary cases will get their pension of Jan-2015 alongwith the Pension of Feb-2015 through e-payment mode.

  6. All pending OPD medical bills are in the process of pre-check. GM(Fin) assured that within two to three days he will write to CO to release the funds for OPD medical bills.

Latest status of PPO Books of Current retirees –


Total cases

Cases sent to CCA Off.

PPO Books prepared

Cases under Process

Pending with MTNL













Feb- 15













United Forum of MTNL Unions and Association has written a letter to Member(Fin) DOT for resolving the issue of preparation of PPO books of retirees who retired upto Mar-2014 - click here to download file

24-02-2015- Latest Update on Pension issue of MTNL Delhi-

Pension of 2163 left out cases of Jan-2015 whose life certificates are available but ECS and Mandate forms are either not received or received after due date have been sent to bank by MTNL Delhi with upto date correction in the pension Account.

All discrepancies / corrections have been made in the pension account of 5526 retirees by MTNL Delhi / CCA pension cell.

Payment of withheld gratuity – MTNL Delhi after completing all the formalities desired by CCA sent 326 cases for release of withheld gratuity due to payment of provisional pension by CCA .i.e for retirees after Apr-2014.

Provisional Pension due to disciplinary cases – MTNL completed all the formalities required by CCA to release pension through e-payment instead of cheque to the retirees drawing provisional pension due to disciplinary case. Pension of these provisional retirees will be released soon by CCA

21-02-2015 - TPA has informed that they have  received back 331 Indoor Medical cards of MTNL Delhi retirees for various reasons. The copy of list is given below. Members are requested to check the list, if they have not received the I/D medical card.  Such retirees may contact Mr Kamal Dhamija on phone No. given at the bottom of this web page or in the TPA office at 1st Floor CTO Canteen.   If any member have neither received the card nor their name is in the list they may also contact the TPA.

List of Retirees whose Indoor Medical cards have been received back by TPA - Dt 21st feb 2015 - click here to download file

19-02-2014 – GS Sh S S Nanda & VP Sh R K Mudgal  had a courtesy meeting with Ms Sumita Purakayastha who joined recently as Pr CCA. Association Leaders highlighted the present issues of Payment of Pension to MTNL retirees by Pr. CCA office, the difficulties being faced by retirees and the Preparation work of PPO Books for retirees who retired prior to Apr-2014, Preparation work of PPO Books of current retirees and other issues related with it. She showed a good gesture to RTOWA Leaders and assured to resolve the problems of the retires. She appreciated the aims and objectives of the Association and the efforts of the Association leaders to solve the problem of retirees.

Association leaders met CCA and GM(Fin) Delhi to discuss the latest status of Jan-2015 pension of those retirees whose pension was send in old bank accounts and to those who could not receive pension till now. They told that the pension cell of Karol Bagh is checking each and every account . Also Delhi Pension unit and FMS unit are in close coordination in removing all types of discrepancies and assured that every problem will be addressed before sending the pension of February to CCA. Jan-15 Pension will be sent to retirees at the earliest who have not received it till now. Association has sent all such cases received from RTOWA members to Delhi and CCA unit for redressal. CCA unit released pension of 5526 cases in Jan-2015.

With the continues efforts of the Association Delhi unit prepared 2183 pension cases of retirees whose life certificates are available but mandate and ECS  forms are either not received or received after due date. GM(F) Delhi has demanded funds from CO for  releasing pension of these retirees. The pension is expected to be released within few days. Approx. 800 retirees cases are still pending whose life certificates are available but  ECS and Mandate forms are not available. Association Leaders also stressed GM(F) & CCA to gear up the work of preparation of PPO Books of retirees upto Mar-2014 as the progress of preparation of PPO Books is very slow. Leaders also requested them to personally monitor this work so that the work could be completed at the earliest.

Regarding release of withheld Gratuity  portion of retirees after Apr-15 – CCA informed that they will release the withheld portion of Gratuity after receipt of  “NO DUE Certificate” from MTNL. GM(F) told that he will sort out the issue to release the No Due Certificate.

Regarding reimbursement of OPD and I/D Medical bills – Case was discussed in Pension cell. The payment could not be made due to non availability of precheck staff as the staff was diverted for preparation of PPO Books. GM(F) has informed that he will make arrangements to make the payment within a weeks time.

17-02-2015 – GS sent a letter to CMD mentioning the pending issues of retirees to take a meeting with CMD to discuss all the issues. Copy of letter is uploaded below.

GS wrote to Add GM (A) Delhi for diversion of I/D Medical funds. Copy of letter is uploaded below.

GS made over the copy of letter sent to CMD to GM(Fin) Delhi also and discussed the issues related to Delhi unit viz. Insurance payment to retirees, OPD Medical payment, Leave Encashment, Pension to retirees whose life certificates are available etc. GM (Fin) is studying all the cases and assured to settle them.

GS Sh S S Nanda & VP Sh R K Mudgal had a meeting with MTNL pension cell officers and GM (Fin) MTNL Delhi. The status of various issues inquired and discussed are –

After vigorous and continuous persuasion of RTOWA CMD MTNL has issued instruction to Delhi and Mumbai to release the pension of those retirees whose life certificates are available but ECS and Mandate forms are not submitted in  time. This arrangment is only for one month. All these retirees are requested to submit the required documents at the earliest.

Indoor Medical bills of Sh Ramesh Chander PC 7577 and Ramesh Chand PC 5425

 – Case approved by CO and sent for precheck  

Pooran mal PC 5839 – Case settled & Amt Paid

Jagdish Chandra PC 3171 – Case settled,

J P Sanger PC 6833- case approved by CO but regretted due to Non availability of fund, GS is trying to get it solved with diversion of funds from another head.

Letter to CMD to Discuss pending issues of Retirees - click here to download file

letter to ADD(GM(A) Delhi for transfer of Funds - click here to download file


Sh G K Singh CCA has asked our G/S to get a list of retirees who fall under the category as detailed below:

1.   The retirees who have not received the pension for the month of JAN15 but they have submitted the ECS Mandate form as well as PENSIONER’S LETTER OF AUTHORITY AND UNDERTAKING.

2.   The retirees who have received the pension for the month of JAN15 in old bank accounts but they have submitted the ECS Mandate form as well as PENSIONER’S LETTER OF AUTHORITY AND UNDERTAKING from the new bank

All retirees falling under above two categories should send their details to pension cell or e-mail us or send SMS to Sh. R K Mudgal on Tel Numbers   9868501222 by 20-02-2015

11-02-2015 –RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal had a meeting with Sh Sultan Ahmed GM(Fin) Delhi and  Pension cell Officers of  Delhi to discuss the Pension issues  As per discussion – 718 more undertaking and mandate forms  have been sent to CCA office for Pension Payment and 55 more forms have also been received and will be sent shortly to CCA Office.    Regarding preparation of PPO Books of Old cases – MTNL Delhi  has received back the 6 cases sent to CCA Office after certain suggestions and now MTNL Delhi  is sending 10 sample cases after incorporating the suggestions of CCA Office for preparation of PPO Books. OPD Payment is being fed in the FMS System and will be released shortly.  The meeting with CMD could not be held due to Board metting and preocupation of CMD. It is expected to be held  in next week.


List of 327 pensioners whose pension has been returned by Bank- click here to download file

06-02-2015 –RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal had a meeting with Sh Sultan Ahmed GM(Fin) Delhi and DGM(Pen) Delhi to discuss the Pension issues  As per discussion – (1) Provisional Pension to retirees with Disciplinary Cases- The provisional pension was being paid by cheque by MTNL Delhi. But now data of these cases have been sent to CCA for payment by ECS.     (2) Mandate and ECS clearance forms of approx. 800 more retirees have been received and approx. 100 forms are being received daily. The pension of these retirees will be processed after 10th feburary.      (3) Pension of 5526 retirees have been sent in Jan-15 by CCA Office. MTNL Delhi unit will verify and tally Bank account in each and every case again to avoid any  problem in future.    (4) Out of 8450 old cases for preparation of PPO Books MTNL Delhi has prepared 10 sample cases and another 6 cases have been sent to CCA  for verification. It has been done to ensure smooth working in future.     (5 Pension of 327 cases , the list of which has been uploaded on our Website – After vigorous persuasion by RTOWA the discrepancies for these cases have been sorted out by Pension cell and the data has been uploaded by CCA Office. The payment may be released by next week.      (6) payment of pension to those whose Life certificate has been received but Mandate and ECS forms have not been received- CMD MTNL will hold a review meeting after 10th feb to  sort out the problem.    (7) OPD bill Payment – Cases received upto Nov-15 have been feeded in FMS system for payment and payment will be made after 10th February.


04-02-2015 -  Please find attached herewith the list of 327 pensioners cases in excel format indicating the name of the pensioners whose pension have been rejected by the Banks in the second stage of E-payment  on account of the following reasons : -

1. Account does not exist

2. Accounts unavailable

3. Invalid IFSC code

4. other reasons

For the list please click below -

These cases are being sorted out by Pension cell and pension will be sent to bank after correction of Data by end of this week.

Moreover, the pension has been sent to old Bank accounts in case of those retirees who have changed the Bank account / Bank etc.

02-02-2014 – Pension for Jan-2015  for retirees retired upto Mar-2014 - MTNL Delhi Pension cell has sent two lists of retirees whose pension  is pending due to –      (1)List of 132 retirees of SBI Bank who pension has been returned by BANK due to incorrect Account / IFSC Code. The list is given below. MTNL Pension cell is correcting the data and their pension will be sent to bank on Tuesday 03-02-2015.          (2) List  of 942 retirees whose  pension could not be sent  as their bank account details  were not correct. These bank account  details have been corrected and their pension will be sent on Tuesday 03-02-2015. The list is given below.

LIst of 132 retirees whose January Pension have been returned by SBI Bank - click here to download file

List of 942 retirees whose January pension could not be sent due to incorrect Bank detials - click here to download file

IMPORTANT    - 31-01-2015 – Querries from many members are being received by GS for non- receipt of pension. GS Discussed the case with DOT / MTNL Pension cell. It was informed that in many cases old account numbers with MICR code were sent by MTNL to DOT where as now full Account number with IFSC code are required to send payment through ECS. The data is being corrected by MTNL Pension cell and the pension will be sent latest by Monday.

Retirees should wait till Monday (02-02-2015) Evening for receiving the pension. If they do not receive the pension till Monday Night they may contact the Pension cell MTNL / DOT for clarification.

30-01-2015 - RTOWA President Sh M K Bagchi ,GS Sh S S Nanda, VP Sh R K Mudgal, VP Sh S N Pandey & JF Org Secy Sh Jaswant Singh had a meeting with CCA Sh G K Singh. to discuss various issues related to Payment of Pension by DOT. As per discussion –Pension of Jan-15 of Approx. 4800 cases have been sent to bank. There is discrepancy in approx. 942 cases like not having proper MICR / IFSC Code etc. He told that he is in close coordination with DGM(FMS) Delhi and is sorting out the discrepancies. He assured that he will try to sort out the discrepancies today itself and release the pension for these cases also. He further informed that their office will remain open on 31-01-2015 ,Saturday, to complete the pension work. He told that approx. 120 cases having pension account  in private banks have been returned to MTNL.

The detilas of PPO Books for retirees from Nov-15 is -


Total No of Retirees

Cases Recd in CCA Office

PPO Books Prepared

Data not fed in FMS by MTNL






















With the continues and persistent efforts of RTOWA leaders DOT Issued letter to MTNL Authorities to release pension to those, whose life certificates are available but ECS Mandate form and Undertaking have not been received so far. DOT will reimburse the pension amount to MTNL.  The case is being perused further in MTNL for payment of Pension to these  retirees.



28-01-2015 –Pension by Pr. CCA DOT-

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal had a meeting with CCA Sh G K Singh. to discuss various issues related to Payment of Pension by DOT. As per discussion –

(1) Regarding status of Undertaking and ECS mandate forms / Life Certificate -


CCA informed that as on date 5850 forms have been received but approx. 100 forms have been returned due to discrepencies like duplicate forms or A/C in private Bank etc.


Moreover most of the life certificates were unsigned by concerned Authority of MTNL Delhi.


(2) Releasing of Pension for Jan-15


CCA informed that they are making all efforts to release the pension in time.


(3) For Jan-15 pension  cases where Forms have not been received so far -


CCA has written to DOT to take appropriate decision for those whose forms have not been received. 


(4) Preparation of PPO Books of retirees upto Mar-2015


CCA informed that they have not received a single case from MTNL till now.


(5) PPO Books of current retirees


PPO Books of retirees upto OCT -15 have been prepared and will be distributed shortly .




GS , VP along with Org. Secy Sh Jaswant Singh met GM(F) Delhi and conveyed him the discrepencies informed by CCA. GM(F) told that he is in close touch with CCA and is taking all possible steps to resolve the problems. He also informed that approx. 291 letters sent to retirees have been received back with the remarks addresse expired or shifted the residence. He laso made available the list of 1704 retirees whose life certificates are availble but Undertaking and ECS mandate forms have not been submitted by them. The list is given below.

29-01-2015 - MTNL Pension Cell has sent the list of retirees whose Life certificate have been received but Undertaking and ECS mandate forms have not been received till now. For list click the link below-

list of retirees whose Life certificates have been received but ECS and undertaking have not been received - click here to download file

25-01-2015 – Payment of Pension for MTNL Delhi retirees (Combined Pension Optees) retired upto Mar-2014  -

To receive pension from Pr. CCA office for jan-2015 onwards all retirees upto Mar-2014 who have not filled the undertaking and ECS Mandate form are requested to fill them immediately.

For PPO Books preparation by Pr. CCA office all retirees upto Mar-2014 who have not filled the Spouse descriptive roll and other required documents are requested to fill them immediately.

As per the information received from Pension Unit MTNL Delhi the data upto 24-01-2015 of retirees  for filling the necessary forms is –

Total No. of Retirees retired upto Mar-2014 whose Pension is to be prepared by Pr. CCA office -   8458.

Life certificate received by MTNL Delhi Pension Cell – 7656.

Undertaking and Life Certificate received by MTNL Pension cell – 5700 (approx.)

Balance documents to be received – 1976 (approx.)

(These figures are for information only)

Action Plan of MTNL for preparation of PPO Books – (for information of members only)

MTNL Delhi has formed three teams each headed by a CAO with nine subcommittees having three members each. Each subcommittee is headed by a AO. These teams and subcommittees has been assigned different task to complete the work of preparation of PPO Books by Pr. CCA Office. All the Team heads and subcommittee heads will submit its status report on daily basis. This action plan has been made to complete the work in a stipulated time. GM(F) Delhi will monitor daily the work of these teams.

These teams and their subcommittees will examine the following documents in respect of each retiree (it is for information of members only )-

1.PO (absorption Letter),  2. Three passport size photographs (Joint) ,  3. Form-3  4. Form-5,    5.Form-7,   6.Form-8,   7.Form-1,   8.Form-A,   9.Speciment Signatures of  retiree and spouse,  10.Descriptive Roll of retiree and Spouse,   11. Qualifying service of retiree,  12. Vigilance clearance report,  13.No due certificate,  14.Last Pay certificate, 15. Mandate form, signed by bank, containing cancelled cheque or photocopy of cheque along with proof of joint account,  16.Undertaking signed by Bank, of Birth proof of spouse,  18.Copy of retirement orders,  19. Govt. Quarter clearance certificate.

These forms are already available with pension cell. It is for information of members. If any discrepancy  is  observed, pension cell will contact the respective retiree for its rectification.

Members are requested not to make any querry from pension cell or RTOWA representatives.

22-01-2015 –Pension by Pr. CCA DOT-

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal had a meeting with GM(F) Delhi. As per the information received approx. 5500 retirees have submitted their Pension forms till 21-01-2014.he also informed as lot of work is involved in preparation of PPO Books , the work has been devided into 5 parts and 5 teams have been constituted one for each part.GM(Fin) also thanked the RTOWA & Joint Forum  leaders for their support & Cooperation in pension work.He specifically thanked Sh S S Nanda for his valuable suggestions.

Association leaders also met DGM(FMS) regarding discrepencies and shortcomings observed in the forms filled by retirees.he told that approx. 170 retirees have their account in Non Nationalised Banks and approx. 70 retirees have not filled the IFSC Code of the Bank.These retirees are advised to contact Pension cell MTNL Delhi and get their forms corrected. The fresh list of Retirees whose forms have been sent to DOT upto 20th Jan-15 and list of retirees who have not opened account in Nationalised bank is published on this website. DGM(Fin) was also requested to send the Pension SMS as before as  no such facility is available with DOT.DGM(FMS) accepted the request  but told that he can send the SMS till the PPO Books are issued by DOT.

IMPORTANT – Those retirees who have not deposited the required forms for Govt. Pension till now must submit  at the earliest since pension by DOT will be paid only after the receipt of these forms.

MTNL has send the OPD and Telephone reimbursement in Banks to those whose cases have been received in FMS Cell.


List of pensioners drawing pension in other then the nationalised banks i.e the banks which are other then the list provided by the % CCA, delhi as CPCC is given below. 

click here to download file

If the paid upto date mentioned in the above list is 31-dec-2014, the pension cannot be drawn for these pensioners for the month of 01-jan-2015, as long as the same is changed into any nationalised bank.  The retirees of these cases should open accounts in any nationalised bank if not already opened , so that there is no problem in drawing of pension for the month of Jan-2015.


List of forms received in pension cell-

After persuasion by G/S RTOWA, AO (FMS) has sent us the List of forms received in pension cell from pensioners prior to 01-Apr-2014 and entered in WFMS till 20/1/2015 to be further migrated / transferred to O/o CCA.

 The list is given below for the information of retirees.

Members are requested to see the same. If any discrepancy is observed, kindly visit the pension cell personally with all the records submitted. Discrepancy may be due to incomplete information given in the forms, misplaced life certificate, non submission of all forms or incomplete forms.

Members are requested to check their PC Nos. under PNSN_CS_NO head and NAME under EMP_NM head only.

Click here for List of forms received in pension cell upto 20-01-2015

OPD CLaim Blank Performa - click here to download file

16-01-2015Meeting with CMD MTNL & Other officers of MTNL –

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal met CMD MTNL to discuss various issues of Pensioners. Regarding  Pension of combined pensioner optees -  Association Leaders briefed CMD about the initiative taken by RTOWA & Joint forum. RTOWA informed the members to fill the forms through Website and updated the day to day status of developments. Also forms and letters issued by MTNL were uploaded on website. RTOWA also informed the members by sending SMS, contacted telephonically. Meetings of RTOWA / Joint forum were held to make the all the Executive / Non executive aware of the latest development and to inform them and to gear up the process of filling the required forms to get pension from Pr. CCA / DOT w.e.f Jan-2015 and preparation work of PPO Books by DOT on war footing level. CMD appreciated the RTOWA & Joint forum for their efforts and thanked the Leaders for their support and cooperation to meet the challenges. CMD told that all possible efforts are being made from management side  to inform the pensioners to complete the form filling formalities latest by 21st Jan 2015.He told that as on date more than four thousand forms are still awaited and the matter will be reviewed after 10-02-2015. Association Leaders also raised the pending issues like – (1) Correction of date in the letter sent to DOT about VRS Optees regarding VIth  CPC arrears (2) Arrear payment  to VRS Optees for the period 01-01-2006 to 31-12-2006, an agreed point. CMD told that he will ask GM(F) CO to put up the file. (3) Payment of full pension  till the date of payment of Commuted Value of Pension due to delay in making Commutation payment as  per rules of pension as payment has already been paid to one case in MTNL Delhi and to majority retirees in MTNL Mumbai.- CMD told the case is not in his knowledge and he will look into the matter. (4) Association leaders raised the issue of CGHS Medical facility to retirees.- CMD told that after pension work is taken over by DOT he will pursue it vigorously. He also requested Association Leaders to pursue it in DOT. (5) On time bound promotion to VRS Optee he told that he will look into the matter.

Association Leaders met GM(F) CO and asked him to put the file of arrear payment of VRS optees for the period 01-01-2006 to 31-12-2006 as desired by CMD. GS also raised the issue of delay in payment of Leave Encashment. GM(Fin) told that payment  upto Oct-2014 retirees of Delhi & Mumbai has been released on 15-01-2015 & efforts are being made to release payment for rest of the retirees.

Association Leaders met GM(F) Delhi to know the status of forms and  to pursue other pending issues like reimbursement of Telephone and OPD bills.- GM(F) informed that the payment will be made after current pension work is over.

GS spoke to DGM(F) FMS & requested him to send the list of retirees who have submitted the forms and also change the IDA rate to 100.3. DGM(FMS) accepted the request and send the list of retirees who have filled the forms. The list is available on RTOWA website.

GS spoke to Jt CCA / CCA who informed the schedule of distribution of PPO Books as –

July – 2014 retirees – PPO books will be distributed on 19th Jan-2015.

August – 2014 retirees – PPO books will be distributed on 27th  Jan-2015.

Sep & Oct – 2014 retirees – PPO books will be distributed in first week of Feb-2015.


04-01-2015 - RTOWA DELHI Membership List updated upto 4th January 2015 is uploaded below.

If any discrepancy is noticed by any member or any modification is required please send SMS to S K Bhatia on phone No. 9968293370


13-01-2015 –Pension by Pr. CCA DOT-

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal visited pension cell MTNL Delhi and  met GM(F) Delhi. As per the information received approx. 3800 retirees have submitted their Pension forms till today. On the request of RTOWA leaders MTNL has extended the date of submission of Forms upto 21st January 2015.MTNL is also sending letters by post to those retirees who have not submitted their forms till now.

09-01-2015 – DPE has issued orders for IDA w.e.f 01--Jan-2015 . The IDA will increase by 2.2 % and new IDA rate is 100.3 % .

09-01-2015 –Pension by Pr. CCA DOT

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal visited pension cell Karol Bagh to see the progress of preparation of PPO Books. Officers of MTNL FMS Unit and Pr. CCA office were conducting the training programme on preparation of PPO Books. Sufficient number of  officials were present in the training  session.

Association Leaders also met GM(F) Delhi. They requested him to make all possible efforts to inform the retirees to fill the required forms. GM(F) informed that he has sent the complete sets of forms to all GM offices for distribution to retirees and SMS has also been sent to pensioners whose mobile nos. are available with the pension cell. Hand bills are also being pasted on the Notice Boards of all Exchange buildings for information of pensioners. He informed that approx. 2500 forms have been received upto closing Hrs. of 09-01-2015. He will further assess the position on 12-01-2015 and will take decision accordingly.



All Pensioners to note please – The forms are to be filled by all Combined pensioners optees of MTNL who retired between – 01-11-1998 to 31-03-2014 (In case of non executives) and  between 01-10-2000 to 31-03-2014 (In case of executives). These forms are not to be filled by DOT Pensioners and Prorata optees. These pensioners need not make any querry from Pension cell MTNL.  


08-01-2015 – After persuation by RTOWA Leaders MTNL has uploaded forms for pension by GOVT on MTNL CO website.Please click the link for MTNL CO website -

All Pensioners are requested to submit the completed forms in MTNL Pension cell within the time frame to avoid any complicacy.

08-01-2015 –Pension by Pr. CCA DOT-

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal along with Org. Secy Sh R P Bhardwaj met  Jt CCA to discuss about filling of forms by retirees for pension by GOVT. Association leaders also discussed the case of Pensioners who are out of India and out of Delhi and also about the retirees who are settled outside Delhi after their retirement. Jt. CCA informed that they will release the pension of Jan-2015 of those retirees only whose Undertaking & ECS mandate forms have been received.

Association leaders then met GM(Fin) Delhi and apprised him the discussion held with Jt. CCA. Association leaders also expressed their worry that most of the retirees have not received the information of filling the forms. Mostly retired Executive and members of the RTOWA know the latest development.GM(F) told that he will review the situation on 12-01-2015 and intimate the MTNL CO.Further GM(F) Delhi informed that 15 to 20 sets of blank forms have been sent to each  Area GM. Retirees may also collect the forms from them.

Association leaders are keeping a close watch on the day to day development of filling the Govt. pension forms.

REVISION OF IDA W.E.F. 1.1.2015:
DPE has issued orders revising IDA w.e.f 1.1.2015 from 98.1% to 100.3% for CPSEs where last pay revision was implemented w.e.f. 1.1.2007.  Click below for the order

click here for orders revising IDA

06-01-2015 – IMPORTANT  - All MTNL retirees to Note Please –

Today CMD MTNL Sh R K Purwar discussed on phone the matter of filling of ECS mandate Form and Undertaking Form with Sh S S Nanda GS RTOWA & Convener joint Forum of Associations and Unions of Retired MTNL Employees. He informed that retired Employees and executives of MTNL should positively fill the ECS mandate form and Undertaking by 10th Jan-2015. Pension of Jan-2015 will not be disbursed to those retirees whose Forms have not been received.

All retirees are requested to definitely fill the required forms .

The forms have already been uploaded on our website.


06-01-2015 – How to fill the Forms for drawing pension from DOT – A sample of filled forms of Sh M K Bagchi President RTOWA is given below. Please download it as a guidance to filling the forms.

Sample Filled Forms for Guidance only - click here to download file

Filling of Forms for Pr. CCA / DOT Pension – For any clarification for filling the Forms any one of the following office bearers may be contacted by RTOWA Members –

Vice President Sh S N Pandey – 9868134577

Vice President Sh R K Mudgal – 9868501222

AGS Sh Radha Kishan – 9868103310

AGS Sh S K Dabral – 9013467101

Exec.& Cord. Comm. Member S K Bhatia - 9968293370

United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations letter to PM - click here to download file

30-12-2014 - MTNL DELHI has issued Forms to be filled by retirees retired upto Apr-2014. For list of forms please click the Links below-

Orders / Instruction issued by MTNL to fille fomrs / Corrigendum to earlier circular - click here to download file

Undertaking - click here to download file

ECS Mandate Form - click here to download file

Specimen Signature or Thumb Impression , Descriptive roll of Spouse - click here to download file

AO (PEN.DISB) MTNL HQ , STD HALL EASTERN COURT NEW DELHI has informed that While submitting documents to him in response to letter dated 26-12-2014, KINDLY ENSURE THE FOLLOWING:

1.   Write your PC Number on each page of the documents submitted.

2.   Kindly ensure that your name on the documents submitted and bank account should be exactly the same as on the PPO BOOK ISSUED BY MTNL.

Orders by MTNL for Income Certificate / Form -16 upto Dec-2014 - click here to download file

RSTC Extension Letter - click here to download orders

NEWS DATED 29-11-2014

G/S has written to CMD MTNL DELHI REGARDING WRONG INFORMATION PROVIDED TO MEMBER (F) BY GM (F) CO MTNL DELHI that Revised Pension to those retirees who opted for VRS w'e,f 1-1-2006 is being paid since O1-O1-2O12.

click here for copy of letter

Documents required for Pensioners of Apr-14 Onwards for Pr. CCA Office - click here to download file





MTNL CO Letter to Member(fin) DOT For Apyement of Arears of Pension and VRS - click here to download file

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form

RSTC Calls Orders by Scale like E5 - click here to download file

FOR MTNL LETTER FOR TDS ON LEAVE ENCAHMENT>>>>click here to download file

1-10-2012  - NEW TPA for indoor medical w.e.f.1-10-2012,


Medi assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.



Raman – 9350659033

Add- B-20 Sector-2, Opposite – HCLComnet , near Sector-15 Metro Station NOIDA -2012301 (UP)

Ph: 0120-4628200, 0120-4628201.

Kindly wait for more details.



(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.

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