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15-04-2018 _RTOWA Delhi News

CCA Delhi Pension Cell Toll Free Number –

1800  118  119

19-05-2019- RTOWA Delhi Telephone directory corrected upto 16-05-2019 is given here. For any correction , send SMS to S K Bhatia on phone No. 9968293370.- click here to download file


RTOWA Delhi News:

26th/ 29th July, 2019

Sh .S. S Nanda G/S & Sh. R.K Mudgal AGS discussed with Dir (Estt.) DoT on 26th July 2019 about the status of the 5% IDA neutralization. He told that the file of the said issue is still lying with PSU/Fin unit DoT.

He advised to pursue the matter  in the PSU/Fin unit of DoT.


Sh. S.S Nanda G/S Sh. R.K Mudgal AGS along with Sh Dharam Raj G/S & Sh Subhash Gupta CHQ office bearer of MTNL BMS met DDG (PSU) on 29/7/2019 to discuss about the status of 5% IDA neutralization, pension revision, pay revision & revival plan of MTNL . He told that the case of 5% IDA neutralization is under process and the reports on the subject matter are being collected from the concerned authorities. He also assured that very shortly the case will be sent to DDG (Estt.) for further process of the case. On other issues, he told that after consulting all the concerned authorities, a cabinet note was prepared and has been discussed at appropriate levels. Further, he told that very shortly, a final decision is expected from the higher authorities on all the issues under question.


Association Representatives met GM (F) MTNL CO to discuss about the Non- payment of pensionary benefits like GPF, leave encashment etc to the current retirees since Jan, 2019. He told that due to financial crises of the company, this situation has arised. He has already brought the said issue in the knowledge of higher ups and advised to meet at appropriate level.


Association Representatives then met Dir(F) MTNL CO  and had detailed discussion on the issue of non-payment of pensionary benefits to the retirees like GPF, leave encashment etc. since Jan-2019. Association Representatives strongly argued on with holding of GPF payment which is severe violation of DOP&PW rulings. Association Representatives told about the deep frustration & resentment of the retirees and requested for immediate release of their pensionary benefits. Dir(F) replied that Corporate Office is trying to manage the funds.  


19-05-2019– RTOWA DELHI –

Directory of members of RTOWA Delhi updated upto 16-05-2019 has been uploaded on RTOWA Website.

Members may check their name in the directory and inform by SMS to S K Bhatia 9968293370, if any modifications is required.



6th. July , 2019


Sh. S. S. Nanda G/S & Sh. R. K. Mudgal AGS met DDG(Estt) & Director(Estt)  on 5/7/2019 and briefed them about their discussion held with Hon'ble MOC/MOC(S) about pension revision of BSNL/MTNL retirees. Association representatives requested DDG(Estt) to give the reply of the query of DOP&PW in the subject matter with a positive & viable solution in the case. He told that his office has already replied the query of DOP&PW about 10 days back. He assured that if DOP&PW principally agrees for delinking then their office will do it's best to further process the issue for the final decision.

Association representatives also discussed about the case of 5% IDA neutralisation. He told that the case is still inPSU/Fin. and after clearing the case from that unit, cabinet note will be prepared and it will be sent to cabinet for its approval. This entire process may take 3-4 months. Association representatives requested him that including arrears, 19-20 crore rupees is a very small amount and DOT may take decision at its own to approve the case. He said that he will try to take the consent of the higher ups.


Association representatives also met DDG(PSU) to persue the case of 5% IDA neutralisation pending in his unit. He told that the case is in process. He immediately directed the concerned officer to clear the case at the earliest. He also assured that within 2-3 days, the said case will be cleared from his office.

Eventhough, the association is continuously pursuing the case, members are requested to have patience for atleast 3-4 months, if the case is sent to cabinet for approval.


Association representatives also visited CCA office to see the arrangement of distribution of Form-16, life certificate, saving certificate etc. under the new set up of Single Window System. Really,  it's hassle free nice arrangement. The pensioners, visiting the CCA office appreciated the efforts of the officers of CCA office and the association representatives for such a nice arrangement and providing the facilities to the retirees. Regarding payment of 5% IDA neutralisation to the pensioners retired after 1/1/2018 , AO(PDA) told that cases are being examined by CCA office for the said payment.

Pensioners, who are unable to visit CCA office to collect their Form-16 may send their request to get the same by post or e-mail on the mailing address  ::

Kind Attention to BHARTI :

RTOWA NEWS - 03-07-2019 -

Efforts regarding Pension Revision -


With the sincere efforts of Sh. Gangadhar Rao G/S and his associate representatives of AIBSNLPWA, meetings with Hon’ble minister of Parliamentary Affairs Sh. Prahlad Joshi Ji, Hon’ble MoC (S) Sh. S. S Dhotre and Hon’ble MoC Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad were held on 1/7/2019 and 2/7/2019 to discuss the most important issue of pension revision of BSNL & MTNL retirees as per recommendations of 7th CPC. All the meetings remained very fruitful. Hon’ble MoC/MoC(S) heard the association representatives of the retired associations of BSNL & MTNL very patiently. Association representatives placed their view points on the subject matter in brief but in a very impressive & convincing way and also suggested them how to remove the anomalies and procedure for implementing the pension revision. Hon’ble MoC assured for personal intervention in the case to resolve the issue.


Association representatives of AIBSNLPWA, Sh. Gangadhar Rao G/S,  Sh. Changappa Sr.VP, Sh D. Gopala Krishnan VP,  Sh. Anupam Kaul AGS and from RTOWA Delhi, Sh. M.K.Bagchi President & Sh. S.S Nanda G/S were present in the said meetings and very nicely presented the issue of pension revision. Association Representatives also submitted the memorandum on pension revision to Hon’ble MoC/MoC(S).Some photos of the meeting are given here.


RTOWA Delhi News:

01-07-2019 -



AO PDA CCA Office Delhi has intimated that Form 16 will be available from 3rd July from CCA Office. Message will be floated on Monday for the venue, date and time.


RTOWA Delhi News:

01-07-2019 -

GPF Payment related circlers for current retirees is given here.



RTOWA Delhi News:

28-06-2019 -

As per the calculations made on the basis of Govt Website  

IDA will increase by 5.3% w.e.f. 01.07.2019 .Total IDA will be 146.7% from july 2019.



27th. June , 2019


Today ,  Sh. S. S. Nanda G/S and Sh. R. K. Mudgal AGS met CMD MTNL to discuss about delayed payment of pensionary benefits of the current retirees and the payment of CGHS reimbursement ,  floater cases and medical bills .  He said that funds are being arranged and very shortly about 40 crores will be released for the said purpose, even though it is not sufficient amount to meet the present requirement. Association representatives requested him to arrange sufficient funds so as to clear all pending cases and also ensure for timely payments for the future retirees. He said that due to financial constraints, the condition of the company has become so pity but he assured that he is trying at his level best to manage the things.


Association representatives also discussed with concerned officer of CCA office about distribution of Form-16. It is informed that necessary corrections are being made and it will be available for distribution by the end of 1st wee July , 2019 .


Letter to CCA Delhi

11-06-2019 – RTOWA Delhi NEWS

Sh. S.S.Nanda G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal AGS discussed with DDG (Estt.) DoT and Dir (Estt.) regarding the status of the 5% IDA neutralization issue. They told that the case has been sent to DDG (PSU)/Finance for approval of the financial liability part of MTNL. After that file will be put up for cabinet note for the approval of the financial liability of DoT.     


10-06-2019 – RTOWA Delhi NEWS

Sh. S.S.Nanda G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal AGS met AO (PDA) on 10/06/2019 to pursue the pensioner’s issues. Association Representatives were pursuing for providing single window facility for the redressal of the pensioner’s grievances keeping in view the problems of the old age on humanitarian ground. AO (PDA) told that Pr. CCA has considered the demand of the Association Representatives and the work of providing a single window Pensioner’s Grievance Redressal System is near to completion. She told that a big centralized AC Hall has been renovated with comfortable sitting arrangement, computerized registration, TV lounge and help desk equipped with modern amenities  to facilitate the pensioners, visiting the Pr-CCA office. It was a dream project of our association which will start functioning very shortly. RTOWA Delhi whole heartedly thanks Pr-CCA, CCA , Joint CCA and MS Bharti AO(PDA) who is the incharge of the project  for sympathetically considering the problems of the pensioners.

On the issue of releasing of Form-16, AO(PDA) told that Govt has changed the format of FORM-16 , so CCA office will release it on 11-07-2019. Members will be informed accordingly.


10-06-2019 – RTOWA Delhi NEWS

Sh. S.S.Nanda G/S and  Sh. R.K.Mudgal AGS (RTOWA Delhi), Sh. V.K.Tomar G/S, Sh. P.K.Gupta CHQVP, Sh. Sunil Kumar C/S and Sh. Satyavir Singh CT (MEA) met Hon’ble Minister of Heavy Industry, Sh. Arvind Sawant on 10/06/2019 to greet him on taking over the charge of Cabinet Minister. Association Representatives also discussed on the issues of revival & survival of MTNL/BSNL, removal of affordability clause, pay revision & pension revision of MTNL/BSNL employees. Hon’ble Minister assured to look into the matter and said that he will discuss with his counterpart concerned ministries also.



28th May ,  2019

Sh. S. S. Nanda G/S and Sh. R. K. Mudgal AGS met DGM(Pers),  MTNL CO to collect the copy of detailed financial liability report of 5% IDA neutralisation for the pensioners retired before 1/1/2018 and the forwarding letter sent to DOT on the subject matter ,  so as to persue the issue in DOT for its early settlement .

Association representatives met with Dir. (Estt)/DDG (Estt) in DOT and personally handed over the said report to them and requested them to expeditiously process the case in DOT for early settlement of the issue .  They assured that the case will be further processed with out any delay to complete the required formalities .


Association representatives also met with Dir. (Staff) to discuss the case of MTNL Mumbai comrade Sh. S. A. Singh about regularisation of his suspension period from 21/02/2003 to 08/01/2004 . After doing all possible efforts in the concerned units by the Dir. (Staff) the entry of the case in their Receipt/Dispatch records was not found . Association representatives diaried  an additional copy of the  letter of DGM (Pers), MTNL CO to Dir. (Staff)  of the said case and requested him to personally look into the matter on priority. He immediately marked the letter to the Under Secy. STG section to seek the decision in the matter . He gave positive response and assured for early settlement of the case .




27th May ,  2019


After a long persuasion of the association representatives of RTOWA DELHI in settling the dispute in between the officers of MTNL  CO and DOT on preparing the financial liability report of 5%IDA neutralisation for the pensioners retired before 1/1/2018 ,  today, MTNL CO forwarded the final report to DOT on the subject matter after having series of discussions and reaching to a mutual consensus on the said report. DDG(Estt) / Dir(Estt) DoT have assured the association representatives that after receiving the desired report on the subject matter from MTNL CO,  they will process the case expeditiously in DOT . We hope for the early settlement of the issue .

Copy of the forwarding letter is given here  ::

16-05-2019  - RTOWA Delhi News-


Meeting of RTOWA Delhi to welcome Newly retired executives.


A meeting of newly retired executives of MTNL was called by RTOWA Delhi at 11.00 hrs on dated 16.05.2019 in Room No. 556 Kidwai Bhawan, ND to welcome them. Sh. S.S. Nanda G/S, Sh. Radha Kishan AGS, Sh R K Mudgal AGS & Sh. I.S. Bhutani Assistant Treasurer   attended the meeting. G/S addressed the new retirees and briefed them about the Aims & Objectives of the association. He also briefed about the achievements of the association, organizational activities and the issues in hand to be settled like 5% IDA neutralization which is almost in the final stage and the most crucial issue of Pension Revision as per recommendations of 7th CPC. Seventeen newly retired executives enrolled themselves for the life time membership of the association. Sh. M.K. Parashar, a new member was so much impressed with the working of the association that along with his life time membership, he voluntarily gave Rs. 3100/- as a special donation to the association. Association whole heartedly appreciated Sh. M.K. Parashar for the appreciation & special donation towards the association.



16-05-2019  - RTOWA Delhi News-


Executive Committee meeting of RTOWA Delhi-


Meeting of Committee of BSNL & MTNL Pensioners Associations ( CBMPA)


Executive committee Meeting of RTOWA Delhi was held at 14.00 hrs on dated 16.05.2019 in Room No. 556 Kidwai Bhawan, ND. Sh. M.K. Bagchi, President Chaired the meeting. Representatives of CBMPA were also invited in the 1st half of the meeting to discuss on the latest development and pursuance of the committee members of CBMPA on the issue of pension revision as per recommendations of 7th CPC. Following committee members attend the meeting - Sh.  M.K. Bagchi, Sh. Prahlad Rai, Sh S S Nanda , Sh Anupam Kaul, Sh Kishan Singh, Sh. R.K. Mudgal & Sh. S.K. Mudgal.

Committee members addressed the house and told about the pursuance of the said issue at the level of DoT, DoP&PW and MoC and also tried to take the political support for the redressal of the most crucial issue of pension revision which requires out of box thinking with a positive approach while handling this issue at their levels. But it was common opinion of the committee members that approach of the DoT officers was  totally indifferent on the said issue. Some committee members were of the view point that even after the lapse of a period of more than 3 years, negotiations and pursuance could not brought the desired results in the subject matter. So, we should also consider to take  legal opinion along with continuing the organisational activities. But, some committee members were of the opinion that we should focus on the organisational activities and side by side should seek political support in resolving our said issue. Now, it is left to take final decision in the internal meeting of CBMPA on the issue. Sh. M.K. Bagchi, President thanked the committee members of CBMPA for valuable suggestions and addressing the house.



Executive Committee meeting of RTOWA Delhi –


Sh. M.K. Bagchi President continued the 2nd half of the meeting as per agenda points circulated by the association as given below-

Agenda for the meeting -

1.    Welcome Address by the President.

2.    Two minutes silence in the memory of departed souls.

3.    Revision of Pension as per recommendations of 7th CPC :: Address by Committee members of BSNL/MTNL.

4.    Report of G/S on various ongoing issues of retirees ie

A) Payment of 5% IDA of retirees who retired before and after 1/1/2018

B) CGHS/CGHIS Facilities :: FMA and the status of various payment of the retirees.

5.    Holding of Open Session and election of the office bearers for the next term.                   

6.    Agitational programmes organized by Committee of BSNL /MTNL pensioners, Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations and Joint Forum of Retirees.                   

7.    Preparation of Identity Cards.

8.    Time Bound Promotion  of VRS optees.

9.    Life Certificate of Retirees.

10. Any other point with the permission of the chair.


Sh. S. S. Nanda G/S elaborately discussed on all the issues and replied the queries of the house. With regard to holding of Bi-AGBM and conducting elections for the next term of the association, house unanimously resolved to hold Bi-AGBM and to conduct the election for the next term of the association in the 4th week of Dec., 2019 which has been decided after confirming the availability of President and Treasurer during that period. 

Meeting ended with a vote of thanks.




02-05-2019 – RTOWA Delhi News

Sh. SS Nanda G/S & Sh. RK Mudgal (AGS) met GM(Fin.) Corporate Office to discuss about release of payment of CGHS reimbursement, other medical claim cases and timely payment of terminal benefits of the retirees. He told that they are trying to manage the funds but added that it will take some time. Association Representatives pointed out that PF is the own money of the employee. So, the payment of PF should be immediately release at the time of retirement of the employee. GM(F) was convinced with the arguments of theAssociation Representatives and assure to see in the matter.


Association Representatives also met DGM(Co-Ord) and CAO(FMS) to discuss about finalization of the report to be sent to DoT on 5% IDA neutralization. They told that they are on the job. CAO (FMS) said that for the last 3-4 days, there was a frequent disruption in the system. They also assured that in a day or so, the said report will be finalizedand  sent to DoT for further process.  



01-05-2019 – RTOWA Delhi News

S.S Nanda G/S & Sh. R.K Mudgal AGS met DGM (Pen) & CAO (Pen)  HQ about release of the payment of 5%. IDA neutralization of the pensioners retired after 1/1/18. They told that they have given the reminders to the areas to collect the service books of the pensioners of their areas to process the cases as early as possible, but most of the areas have not turned up.

FMS has already prepared the screen for pension revision arising due to 5% IDAneutralization. CAO (Pen) told that 7 seven sample cases have been sent to CCA office for their approval. If it is approved, they will process other cases also received from the areas and will send the cases to CCA office for further process. Association Representatives will take up this issue at the level of ED & CMD to expedite it.


Association Representativesmet the concerned officer of medical unit of ED office to discuss and expedite about the CGHS reimbursement and other medical claim cases of the retirees. She told that she has already sent 230 cases of CGHS reimbursement received upto Sept, 2018. But funds from the Corporate Office have not been released so far. In addition to it, as on date, 504 CGHS reimbursement cases are in queue.


18-03-2019 – RTOWA Delhi News


Sh. S.S. Nanda G/S & Sh. R K Mudgal AGS met Pr. CCA and requested him for immediate implementation of FMA to the eligible pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas. They also briefed him about the issue & gave the clarification letter issued by DoT on the query of the CCA office on the subject matter. He assured & agreed to instruct the concerned officer for immediate implementation of the orders. Association representative also met AO(PDA) and briefed her about their discussions with Pr.CCA.AO(PDA) said that she will put up all the cases of FMA of eligible pensioners after completing the required formalities for sanction of the payment.


Association Representative also attended a very colorful “Phoolonoki Holi Milan Function” organized by MTNL MazdoorSangh in their CHQ office at Atul Grove Road. Many artists gave their excellent performances on the eve of most popular Indian Holy festival. Trade union leaders from different Association & unions witnessed the function in a very large number, members of MTNL MS attended the function. Sh. VrijeshUpadhaya All Inida G/S of BMS, Sh. Dharam Raj Singh GS, Sh. V K Tomar G/S MEA, Sh. Mahabir Singh President & SH. S S Nanda addressed the function and wished for the safe, prosperous & Happy colorful Holi to all & their families.


22-02-2019 - RTOWA Delhi NEWS-

Sh. S.S.Nanda, G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal, AGS met CMD MTNL to congratulate him for his selection as CMD BSNL and wished him for the bright success. He thanked for the support and gesture. CMD also thanked the association representatives for their co-operation in nicely Co-ordinating in between MTNL & Pr. CCA office for getting the preparation work of PPO books successfully of old retirees, extending the CGHS facility and other related issues of the pensioners. CMD also said that implementation of Govt. pension  orders of combined service pensioners of MTNL was a big and challenging job which could be made possible only due to mutual co-operation.

Association representatives also requested him to use his good office in DOT for the early settlement and payment of 5% IDA neutralization of MTNL pensioners , retired before Jan-2018 and also to clear the issue of FMA of retirees residing in Non-CGHS areas. CMD gave positive response in both the cases and assured to talk to the concerned officers of DOT in both the cases.


Association representatives met Jt. CCA to discuss about the status of payment of FMA cases. She told that before making the said payment, CCA wants some more clarifications from the concerned unit of DoT. She requested to wait till the matter is clarified by DoT.


Association representatives then discussed the matter of FMA  with ADG(PAT) DoT and discussed about the clarification asked by CCA office. He told that he is having additional charge of ADG(PAT) as regular ADG(PAT) is on long leave. He assured to discuss the case on phone with regular ADG(PAT) and moreover he will ask the Section Officer of concerned section to put up the case. He also assured to reply the query of CCA Office at the earliest.


Association representatives met GM(F), MTNL corporate office and requested him to send DGM /CAO(FMS) to DoT to clarify the 5% IDA neutralisation liability calculations sent by MTNL. GM(F) agreed for the same and assured to arrange a meeting of MTNL CAO(FMS) with DoT officers in the next week .

Association representatives also discussed with GM(F) about the delay in payment of terminal benefits to the current retirees. He told that it is due to non-availability of funds and MTNL CO is trying to arrange funds and assured to make the said payments on priority.


12-02-2019 - RTOWA Delhi NEWS-

Sh. S.S.Nanda, G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal, AGS discussed with Dir (Estt.) DOT about the status of 5% IDA neutralisation for the pensioners, retired before Jan, 2018. He told that there are some points which needs to be clarified by the MTNL officers who have prepared the report of financial liability of DoT & MTNL on the subject.

Association Representatives then talked to GM (Fin.) corporate office and requested him to send DGM/CAO (FMS) to DoT to clarify the doubts of the concerned officers of DoT, dealing with the said case. GM (Fin.) agreed on the proposal of the association representatives. Association Representatives also talked to CAO (FMS) and briefed her about our discussions with Dir (Estt.) & GM (Fin). She said that in the next week she will be available for the meeting with DoT officers to clarify the things on the subject. Association Representatives will help in arranging the meeting.


Association Representatives met AO (PDA) to discuss about the status of the FMA cases. She told that necessary process for verification of cases received for FMA is going on. She also assured that she will try to complete the process in Feb and start the payment of FMA to the eligible pensioners.

Association Representatives asked about the progress of life certificates under new scheme of 2019. She told that on an average about 50 – 60 pensioners are visiting CCA office to give their life certificates. It is a successful smooth &hassle free experience for both side. Once again pensioners are advised to visit CCA office to give their life certificate in the month of their retirement and for family pensioners, in the month of death of the pensioners to avoid the rush in a particular month. Association Representatives also raised the issue of being no-reply of the land line nos. of PDA office because of the fact pensioners have to rush to CCA office even to enquire small things. AO (PDA) told that pensioners may dial 25721102 for any quarry. she assured that this no. will be answered all the time.


Association representatives met medical section officer in ED office to discuss about the payments of pending medical bills & CGHS reimbursement cases. She told that corporate office has not released the funds so far. She also told that MTNL Delhi unit has written to corporate office to clarify about CGHS reimbursement for the cases received after Sept, 2018. Clarification in this regard is also awaited from the corporate office.


09-02-2019 -  RTOWA NEWS

Revision of Pension as per 7th CPC

About 2000 Pensioners of BSNL and MTNL held a massive Rally at New Delhi today the 8th Feb 2019 under the banner of Committee Of BSNL & MTNL Pensioners Association (CBMPA) on the single issue of Pension Revision with 7th CPC Fitment Formula. All the constituents of CBMPA participated in the Rally. Our comrades from adjoining circles and NCR were present in great strength.

The rally started from BSNL HQ/Khursheed lal Bhawan accompanied by strong contingent of Police Force. Roaring slogans were raise by the participants in favour of their just demand

 Rally was stopped at Jantar Mantar by police. Leaders of CBMPA and working Associations addressed the participants and apprised them of the latest developments and efforts of CBMPA on the issue.The contents of the memorandum were read out to the participants. Four representatives of CBMPA were escorted to Sanchar Bhawan by the police personnel. The Memorandum was submitted to Secretary Telecom through her OSD and PPS. The Memorandum was submitted by com M K Bagchi, Com S S Nanda, Com Prahlad Rai and Com Anupam kaul.                          

Com M K Bagchi, Com S S Nanda, Com J. S. Dahiya, Com R k Mudgal, Com Prahlad Rai, Com Kishan Singh, Com R  P Sharma, Com Sunil Kumar (MTNLEA),Com K R Yadav(TEAM),Com Arvind Dahiya (SNEA), Com Sukhvir Singh (MTNL M S), Com Ravi Kumar(AIBSNLEA) and others addressed the gathering .

The rally has been widely covered by the media.

Some of the media coverage  links are given below.



Mobile news 24 link -



Indian Express :

Former BSNL and MTNL employees protest over pension change -



सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारियों ने केंद्र सरकार से अपनी मांगों को लेकर दिल्ली के जंतर मंतर पर प्रदर्शन किया



भारत संचार निगम के कर्मचारियों ने आज जंतरमंतर पर धरना प्रदर्शन किया काफी संख्या में भारत संचार निगम के कर्मचारी आये हुए थे।



Navbharat Times

News: former employees of bsnl mtnl demonstrated about pension amendments - बीएसएनएल, एमटीएनएल के पूर्व कर्मचारियों ने पेंशन संशोधन को लेकर प्रदर्शन किया | Navbharat Times -



ET Telecomm

Ex-employees of BSNL, MTNL protest over pension revision -



Indian Express



Photos of Rally Link is given below –


01-02-2019- RTOWA Delhi-

ALL RTOWA Members to note Please-

As you know , RTOWA in association with BSNL / MTNL retirees associations / unions has launched agitational programme to achieve the demand of pension revision as per 7th CPC.

It has been decided to launch a Post Card Campaign to bring the matter in the notice of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

Every member is requested to send a post card to Prime Minister, demanding for Pension revision.

The matter to be written on the post card is sent separately on whatsapp.

Please purchase a post card and write the matter on the post card and drop the post card in letter box.

The post cards are to be posted latest by 8th February

Election is coming. We have to act immediately. We must bring the matter
to the notice of Honorable Prime Minister.

Complete the task before 8th February itself. Don’t delay. Delay is

S S Nanda

Text to write on Post card.
Sh Narender Modi ji,
Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
New Delhi.
I joined central Govt. service in DOT but retired from MTNL / BSNL.
Revision of my Pension is due from 01-01-2017 (once in 10 years).
Please arrange to revise my pension as per 7th CPC fitment formula.

Name ...
( MTNL Pensioner)
Place / State
Date ..
Post card shall be addressed to
Shri Narendra Modi ji
Prime Minister of India
South Block
New Delhi 110001.

Photos of Meeting of Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL held a Lunch Hour on 01-02-2019 .
Some photos are given here.
For more photos please click the link below-

27-12-2018 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Executive Committee meeting of RTOWA Delhi was held on 27-12-2018 in Kidwai Bhawan New Delhi. Sh. M.K. Bagchi, President, presided the meeting. The meeting was conducted as per agenda approved by the house. G/S Sh. S.S Nanda elaborately told about the ongoing issues and status of the issues like pay revision as per 7th CPC, 5% IDA neutralization, TBFU of VRS optees etc. He also told about agitational activities jointly conducted at the platforms of Joint Forum of Retired Associations & unions of MTNL, Forum of working Association & unions of MTNL and CBMPA at all India level with all like-minded working & Retired association & unions of BSNL & MTNL on single agenda point of Pension revision as per recommendations of 7th CPC w.e.f 01/01/2017.


RTOWA Delhi played a vital role in organizing Dharna/Massive Rally to PMO/Day Long Hunger strike along with AIBSNLPWA. Because of that we could succeed to create pressure on DoT admin & Hon’ble MoC to seriously think over the issue & sent the case to DoP&PW for considering the issue of pension revision. He told that this joint struggle will continue till demand of pension revision is accepted favorably. House endorsed the view point of the G/S in a single voice.

Sh. P. S. Bhayana, CHQ Treasurer placed the audited financial report of the association for the period 1/2/2018 to 15/12/2018 in the house. House unanimously approved the financial report for the said period.

On the organizational issues, he told about the issues discussed in the co-ordination committee meeting held in Mumbai on 15-11-2018 ie Printing of directory of members of Delhi and Mumbai ,, Letter head of RTOWA Delhi and Not holding of Co-ordination committee meeting on schedule date and time.

On the issue of holding next Annual General Body meeting & conducting elections for next term, GS explained the reason that AGM and elections could not be conducted due to involvement in the agitational programmes. The house deliberated on this subject. House unanimously agreed that the date of AGM and elections to next term shall be decided in the next ECM which shall be held in March 2019.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks.


27-12-2018 – RTOWA Delhi News –

RTOWA Delhi held a meeting of new retirees in Room No. 556 KBN ND at 11:00hrs on 27-12-18. Sh. S S Nanda G/S addressed the meeting and briefed them about the aims & objectives of the association. He told about the achievements of the association like CGHS/CGHIS/FMA medical related issues, settlement of VRS issues, Govt. Pension, conversion of large No. PPOs from MTNL to DoT, pension revision w.e.f 1/1/2007, demand of pension revision as per 7th CPC w.e.f 1/1/2017 & so many other issues taken by the association. He requested the new retirees to become member of the association so as to make the association stronger. If association is strong than your voice will definitely be heard by the DoT admin & the GOI. 19 new members were enrolled in the meeting.



Please Click the link below for Photos and Videos of Rally,

held on 18th July 2018,

from Jan Path New Delhi to PMO, 

of BSNL and MTNL Retirees

in support of their demand for

Revision of Pension as per provisions of 7th CPC -




23-03-2018 – RTOWA DELHI News-

Meeting with Secretary (T)  on 23-03-2018 –

Pension revision and 78.2% IDA merger case of Retirees and Pay revision and other demands of Working employees-

On the direction of Honorable Minister of Communication, a meeting of Unions and Associations of MTNL Delhi and Mumbai  , Joint forum of Retirees and RTOWAD Delhi along with Sh Arvind Sawant Hon’ble MP Lok Sabha  and president Kamgar Sangh Mumbai was held with Secy (T) in DOT. Member(Fin) ,  JT Secy(Admin) and other Senior officers of DOT were present in the meeting .

All the issues of MTNL, Viz. 78.2% IDA fitment,  Pay Revision under 3rd PRC, Revision of Pension under 7th CPC , counting of casual service for pension along with other issues of employees  were discussed in length.

Sh Dharam Raj Singh GS, MTNL BMS, Sh V. K. Tomar GS MEA, Sh S. S. Nanda GS RTOWA Delhi  & Convener  of Joint Forum of Unions and Associations of Retirees raised the issue of Revision of Pension under 7th CPC. Justification was presented nicely.

Sh Arvind Sawant MP while supporting the issue demanded immediate action from DOT side. Secy Telecom said that she has noted down all the issues raised.

From associations and unions side the meeting was attended by Sh Arvind Sawant President Kamgar   Sangh Mumbai, Sh Dharam Raj Singh GS MTNL BMS, ,Sh V. K. Tomar GS  MEA, ShMahavir Singh Chairman JF , Sh.S.S.Nanda  Convener of JtForum.


On 22nd March , A meeting of JF representatives with Honorable MoC Shri Manoj Sinha was held in Sanchar Bhavan New Delhi along with MP Shri Arvind Sawant and the office bearers of MTN KS, MOA, BMS and MEA. It was briefed to Honorable MoC about the present scenario of MTNL and the ensuing Trade union action.After listening, Honorable MoC asked his PS to convene an immediate meeting on 23rd March at 1430 Hrs along with Secretary DOT and representatives of unions and associations to deliberate on the issues.


On 21st March 2018 there was a meeting with Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industry, Shri Anant Gite saheb along with Hon'ble MP Shri Arvind Sawantji about the notice of agitation & trade union action. The majority union of MTNKS, MTNL Officers Association, majority union of Delhi BMS & MEA were present in the meeting. 


For photos of 23rd March with Secy(T) , please click the link below -


11-10-2017 – RTOWA NEWS-

Pension Revision representation to PM and MOC –

It was decided in the Co-ordination Committee meeting of RTOWA Delhi and Mumbai to send representations to Prime Minster of India and Minister of Communications pleading for Revision of Pension of MTNL retirees as per 7th CPC.

Letters have been sent to Prime Minister and MOC on 11-10-2017 to pursue for Revision of Pension of MTNL retirees.

Copies of letters are given here.

23-09-2017 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Historical rally by Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations of working Employees and Joint Forum of Retirees of MTNL Delhi —

A historical rally of huge gathering of more than 10,000 working employees and Retirees of MTNL Delhi started from K L Bhawan to Sanchar Bhawan in support of the demands, Pension revision of MTNL Reirees as per 7th Pay Commission wef 01-01-2017 ,  78.2% fitment, implementation of 3rd PRC, full reimbursement of CGHS payment of retirees, etc which was addressed by RTOWA GS/ Convener Retirees Forum Sh S S Nanda, GS, MEA/ Chairman Forum Sh V K Tomar, GS, MTNLMS/ Convener forum Shri Dharamraj Ji,  All India General Secretary, BMS, Shri Virjesh Upadhayay, President MTNL Kamgar Sangh, Mumbai Shri Arvind Sawan, MP, BMS/ Vice president Ratnesh Kumar,. GS MEA said that all the issues raised by the forum are legitimate and genuine and can not denied on the ground of financial condition of the MTNL because it is not because of employees but govt policies and management decisions have made MTNL financial sick. He demanded that legal action must be initiated against those whose policy/ corporate decisions have made MTNL sick and created financial and mental unrest amongst thousands and thousands employees and their family. All the speakers stressed that issues are genuine and legitimate and struggle will continue till the settlement of the issues.

For photo of the rally are please click the link –



19-09-2017 - MTNL CGHIS Orders for opting for MTNL INdoor Scheme where CGHS facility is not available -click here to download file

19-09-2017 - Annexures for MTNL CGHIS Orders for opting for MTNL INdoor Scheme where CGHS facility is not available -click here to download file

19-09-2017 - Affidavit performa for MTNL CGHIS Orders for opting for MTNL INdoor Scheme where CGHS facility is not available -click here to download file

9-3-17 FOR Self Declaration Form ( in word format) For Reimbursement of Life Time CGHS FacilitY>>>>>click here to download file

RTOWA Membership Form - click here to download file

MTNL OPD CLAIM FORM - click here to download file

08-07-2017 - Copy of RTOWA Coordination Committee written to PM for Pension Revision - click here to download file

05-07-2017 - Pension Revision letter sent by RTOWA Delhi to prime Minister - click here to download file

05-07-2017 - Pension Revision letter sent by PRPA Delhi to prime Minister - click here to download file

18-05-2017 List of cases under objection returned by CCA office click here to download file

03-01-2017 -B. --CGHS Application Form along with Family definition - click here to download file

05-01-2016 DOT Orders showing the amount to be deposited in CGHS and bed entitlement -click here to download file

05-01-2017 - MTNL Performa to be filled for applying for CGHS Facility -click here to download file

05-01-2017 - Undertaking for CGHS Card - click here to download file

26-10-2016 - Life Certifcate Performa and List of Certifying Authorities for MTNL retirees. -click here to download file

30-09-2016 - CCA and MTNL CO letters to DOT regarding CGHS facility Sep 2016 - click here to download file

21-02-2016 - MTNL OPD Certificate to be filled while applying for renewal of OPD Card - click here to download file

21-may-2016-The list of Return Indoor medical cards given by TPA -click here to download file

21-05-2016 - The list of PPO of Pre-2014 retirees Issued by CCA Office - click here to download file

21-05-2016 - The list of Indoor medical claims pending due to Premium not received given by TPA- click here to download file

List of Indoor Medical cards Received bak by TPA dated 1st April 2016. Members may see their name and collect I/d Card from TPA in 1st Floor CTO Canteen - click here to download file

05-03-2016- List of PPO issued to Pre April -2014 retirees - click here to download file

05-02-2016 - Pensioners Identity Card Performa - click here to download file

06-02-2016 - List of old retirees who's PPO Books have been prepared till now - click here to download file

22-01-2016 -GS Report Adopted by GB on 22 Jan 2016- click here to download file

22-01-2016 - Key Note Address by GS in Open House Session on 22-01-2016 -click here to download file


Photos of RTOWA Delhi Co-ordination Committee Meeting on 21st January 2016 , General Body Meeting , Open House session and Election held on 22nd January 2016 are given below.

For more photos please click the link below –


10-01-2016 - CCA has sent a list of PPO of Pre Apr- 2014 retirees prepared till date. - click here to download file

Joint letter to PM for Pension Revision - click here to download file

UF Letter to Sec(T) - click here to download file

12Dec15 - United Form Letter to CMD , DOt for 78.2% Pay fixation, CGHs and Option to Pro Rata optees (DOC) -click here to download file

List of those retirees whose GOVT PPO has been prepared but data has not been entered in the computer data base>>>>>>click here to download file

MTNL CO Orders for payment of VRS Optees arrears - click here to download file

RTOWA letter to CMD Mentioning retirees problems dated 27-10-2015 - click here to download file

TPA Indoor Medical Card Renewal Form for retirees - click here to download file

delhi retirees list whose documents are not Complete - click here to download file

16-09-2015 List of Old retirees whose PPO Books have been prepared or are under preparation is given here. Those who have not received the PPO Book may contact the Pension cell on Ph : 011-25721101 or 25721102.- -click here to download file

RTOWA Letter to Member Finance for payment of Arrears of Pension Revision- click here to download file

CGHS Scale mapping orders click the link below-

Seiority List of TES Grp B prepared by BSNL and submitted to court. It is a provisional list only as down loaded from Other Site - click here to download file

RTOWA Delhi Letter to CMD demanding CGHS Facility on Optional basis - click here to download file

20-07-2015 List of PPO Books of Pre 2014 retirees sent by CCA office - click here to download file

Undertaking draft issued by CCA for discrepency - click here to download file

26-06-2015 -List of Retirees whose Records has been sent by Delhi Pension Cell to CCA For preparation of PPO -click here to download file

25-06-2015-MTNL Delhi has sent a list of Retirees whose PAN / Other documents are not available. Please Check the list and complete the documents and Contact Ms Suman Jain AO(Pension) 9868132652 - click here to download file

RTOWA Letter to DOt to consider Pension revision of MTNL retirees in 3rd pay revision Committe - click here to download file

copy of orders issued by ministry of health and Family welfare for CGHS Facility - click here to download file

copy of letter written by MTNL CO to GS regarding Arrears of Pension - click here to download file

Year wise Data of Retirees whose PPO Books are to be Prepared by CCA Office - click here to download file

Documents required for Pensioners of Apr-14 Onwards for Pr. CCA Office - click here to download file

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.

RTOWA Delhi Membership Form - click here to download file

Form to claim Indoor Floater Amount - form is to be submitted to TPA within 15 Days - click here to download file

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