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Retired Telecom Officers' Welfare Association (Regd.)

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Ph; 011-25992929 Mob: 9968721515

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15-08-2016 -RTOWA Delhi members Directory updated upto 15th August 2016 is given here. For any discrepency or correction send SMS to S K Bhatia 9968293370 - click here to download file

TPA Nos.

Old TPA - Sh Mahender - 9205189594,

              Sh Anuj Sharma - 7428829735

(for old medical cases upto 30-09-2016)

New TPA Paramount -

(for medical cases w.e.f 01-10-2016)

1.     Sh Rati Ram  9205271068

2.      Sh Mangat Ram  9599075899

12-02-2016 - MTNL OPD Claim Performa - click here to download file

14-10-2016 - MTNL Circular for INdoor Policy for retirees - click here to download file

14-10-2016 - Letter to CMD protesting against the enhancement of Indoor premium -click here to download file


21-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Meeting with CCA to implement CGHS Medical Facility –

CCA Delhi called a meeting of Joint Form representatives to discuss about the implementation of DOT’s order dated 18-10-2016 for extending CGHS Medical facility to the retired employees of MTNL. All concerned officers of CCA office and MTNL Delhi were also present in the meeting. The matter was discussed thoroughly on all points of implementation process. Finally it was proposed that –

CCA office will issue an order for each retiree which will contain –

1.      Corresponding Grade Pay as per Annexure A1 & A2 of DOT’s order dated 31-08-2016 for the purpose of contribution towards CGHS.

2.      Corresponding range of pay drawn in Pay Band in CDA (Excluding Grade Pay) as per Annexure B1 & B2 of DOT’s order dated 31-08-2016 for the purpose of ward entitlement in the Hospitals.

3.      MTNL Authority will issue NOC after completing the required formalities.

4.      The order issued by CCA office will become part of PPO book & will be attached in the PPO Book.

5.      No separate entry in the PPO Book will be required.

6.      It is also agreed to prepare  few test cases to see the results for making the CGHS Cards.

                      Pr. CCA & CCA were out of station and could not attend the meeting. So, Jt. CCA told that he will brief the whole discussion of meeting to them and communicate the final decision taken by them.

After the implementation of the whole process and successful preparation of the Test cases members will be informed to start the process of CGHS facility. Till that time members may not go to MTNL, CCA or CGHS office to avoid harassment to them.



21-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

In the meeting with Jt. CCA,  Convener JF Sh S S Nanda also raised the following issues –

a.      Very slow progress in preparation of PPO Books.

b.      Delay in arrear payment.

c.       Delay in settlement of Family pension issues.

d.      Problems related to FMS.

Jt CCA told that all the efforts will be made to gear up the work of PPO Books preparation and other issues too.

For issues related to FMS – DGM(FMS) MTNL told that there are about 150 complicated cases of arrear / family pensioners. FMS unit is working to resolve the problems of those cases and expected to sort it out soon.



21-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Life Certificate by retirees having MTNL PPO Book through Jeevan Pramaan – FMS unit informed that they have tried to find a solution for retirees having MTNL PPO Book but could not succeed. Thus, retirees having MTNL PPO books will not be able to use the Jeevan Praman Facility.

CCA Office will give Life Certificate performa to the Association which will be uploaded on RTOWA website for the benefit of retirees residing outside.

MTNL retirees can also submit the Life certificate form duly attested by the authorities defined by Govt. of India in its orders.

The copy of Life Certificate Peforma  and list of Authorities authorized by GOI will be published on the webside.



21-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

OPD Payment – FMS unit informed that feeding problem in FMS system has been sorted out and work will speed up now.



21-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

RTOWA is trying to get reduce the amount of 50% Premium Payment for Indoor Medical facility. Some decision at the CMD level is expected.

But retirees may not fill the  I/D card forms including Annexure-G otherwise it will weaken the efforts of the Association.


RTOWA is also trying for implementation 78.2%  IDA wef 01-01-2007  and include retirees in it also.

We are hopeful of positive result.



19-10-2016 – RTOWA News –

Issue of CGHS Orders by DOT –

As a result of continuous  , sincere and tireless efforts and persuasion of RTOWA representatives, finally DOT has issued modified orders for implementation of CGHS facility for MTNL / BSNL retirees. These orders have come on the clarifications sought Pr. CCA and MTNL CO from DOT on its order of  dated 31-08-2016.

The copy of orders is given here.

This  orders will be discussed with CCA office for implementation.

Members may not be in a hurry till discussion took place by the Association representatives with the CCA Delhi.


19-10-2016 DOT Modified order on CGHS


19-10-2016 – RTOWA News Delhi –

Life Certificate by Retirees of MTNL Delhi in November 2016 –

CCA Delhi called a meeting of Representatives of Joint Forum of MTNL retirees on 18-10-2016 in CCA Office Delhi. The meeting was attended by CCA Sh Manish Pathak , Dy. CCA Ms Swati , Sh S S Nanda GS RTOWA & Convener JF , Sh R K Mudgal Press & Media secy, Sh R P Sharma Vice Chairman JF, Sh Jaswant Singh OS JF, Sh Dubey EM. The issue was discussed in length and it was agreed-

1.      CCA Office will operate the intensive programme of taking Life Certificate from 1st November 2016 to 21st November 2016 in Karol Bagh Exchange premises.

2.      A schedule of 500 pensioners per day has been agreed in two phases i.e 250 pensioners in first half i.e 10.30 Hrs to 13.30 Hrs and 250 pensioners in 2nd phase from 14 Hrs to 17 Hrs. 13.30 Hrs to 14.00 hrs will be Lunch break.

3.      All pensioners holding PPO’s of CCA or MTNL have to submit the Life Certificate at the same place i.e at Karol Bagh Exchange premises.

4.      Entry to the Karol Bagh Premises for Life Cerificate will be from Sanchaar Haat Gate side.  A token bearing serial number will be issued to the pensioners and then the retiree will get performa from reception and will submit his duly filled  life certificate at the respective counter. Tokens will be distributed upto 16 Hrs only.

5.      SMS will be sent to pensioners mentioning their date schedule for submitting the Life Certificate. The pensioners will be called according to date of retirement in ascending order from Nov 1998 onwards.

6.      Association representatives will also be present to support the retirees and CCA staff in this process of Life Certificate.

7.      Documents required for Life Certificate – (i) Original PPO Book  (ii) Photocopy of PPO Book. (iii)  Original Adhaar Card (iv) Photocopy of Adhaar Card  (v) in case Adhaar Card is not available – any photo identity proof issued by Govt. of India like Voter card etc.

8.      CCA will arrange a Kiosk for submission of Life certificate through Jeevan Pramaan portal to facilitate the retirees having PPO book issued by CCA office.

9.      Association is trying to make provision of Jeevan Pramaan  for MTNL retirees having PPO Books issued by MTNL. The issue was discussed with DGM(FMS). He assured to explore the possibility and will convey it to the RTOWA.





19-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –Delhi Pension Unit issues –

GS and AGS met AGM(Admin & Med) o/o GM(A) Delhi and discussed about the filling of forms for Indoor Medical cards. Association representatives requested to display the exact amount to be borne by the retirees in case of single beneficiary and double beneficiary so that they may know the exact amount to be borne by the retirees.

Association representatives also requested her to arrange to install one Kiosk of one Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate to facilitate the persons who cannot go to CCA office.

She agreed for both the proposals and asked the Association representatives to give it in writing.

Association representatives also discussed for reimbursement of pending OPD bills. She told that the work of feeding the data in FMS system is in progress but due to system problems the work is slow and they are trying to complete the bills of FY-2015-16 by the end October.




19-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News-

GS & AGS met CAO(Pen) & Coordinating officer Sh S C Rai and discussed about the objections raised by the CCA unit time and again thereby abnormally delaying the preparation of PPO Books. Association representatives requested CAO to hold a meeting with CCA unit officers and call the RTOWA representatives also in the meeting. The problems being faced in preparation of PPO books will be discussed and sorted out in the meeting. He agreed with the proposal of RTOWA representatives.




19-10-2016 – Status of issue of PPO Books-


Total Cases

Cases Approved

Cases Pending

PPO Books Printed























19-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News – Appeal to Retirees -

Indoor Medical forms – All the retirees are requested not to fill Annexure-G for deduction of 50% premium. Pensioners may wait for some time for filling the forms as the case is under review at the CMD level.

Please note that the Indoor Medical Facility is continued in case of emergency.

Filling annexure-G by the retirees will weaken the stand of the Association.




17-10-2016 – RTOWA News - Clarification of Medical schemes –

Some of our members are confused about the CGHS and CGHIS schemes. We may clarify these schemes as –

1.      CGHS – Central Govt. Health Scheme – This scheme is run by Ministry of health and family welfare Govt. of India. This is the Scheme for which RTOWA is pursuing and the final proper orders have not been issued till now.


2.      CGHIS – Contributory Group Health Insurance scheme – This scheme is run by MTNL management. All MTNL retirees are getting medical facility under this scheme. We broadly call it MTNL indoor Medical Facility.


Members please do not get confused between the two schemes.



13-10-2016 – RTOWA News  Delhi – AGS Sh R K Mudgal discussed the CGHS and  enhanced gratuity  issue with DDG(Estt) on phone. He informed that CGHS file has been sent to Accounts unit for their comments.


14-10-2016 – MTNL CO has issued the orders for Indoor Medical Scheme for MTNL retirees.

The copy of letter is given on RTOWA website.

MTNL Corporate Office has circulated a modified Annexure – G which is a “Self Declaration Form for availing MTNL CGHIS Facility”. Thus MTNL retirees have to give a declaration that those who want to avail themselves of MTNL CGHIS facility, must give undertaking that they will bear the 50% of CGHIS premium. Simultaneously MTNL Corporate Office has enhanced the annual premium for CGHIS policy substantially as follows:-

Annual Premium for CGHIS Policy :

1     For single beneficiary  :   Rs 5393/- + Tax as applicable

2     For double beneficiary : Rs 8944/- + Tax as applicable

i.e   As per the orders retirees will have to pay 50% of the premium amount plus Service Tax which is more than Rs. 5000/= for both husband and wife beneficiary and Rs. 3000/= for single beneficiary.

RTOWA took initiative and wrote a strong letter on the Joint Forum platform to CMD MTNL.

The copy of letter is RTOWA website.


14-10-2016 – RTOWA News –

1.    DOT Meeting for CGHS – Inspite of the illness Sh S S Nanda GS along with Sh R K Mudgal and Sh A K Kapoor met Director(A/C) DOT and discussed the issue of CGHS. He told that they have written a written a letter to CCA asking their difficulties in implementing DOT orders. After detailed discussions Director(A/C) agreed to help to resolve the CGHS issue of retirees. He told that DDG(A/C) and their DDG(A/C) is on leave and are expected to join on Monday. Association will have a meeting with ADG(PAT) in next week to pursue the issue.

2.    They then met DDG(Estt.) and told him the status of case in Accounts unit. He was told that the case cannot be resolved if the file remains shuttling between Establishment and accounts unit. He assured to take the personnel interest to resolve the matter.

3.    Payment of enhanced Gratuity due to 7th CPC - They also discussed the issue of payment of enhanced Gratuity to MTNL retirees retired after 01-01-2016 wWith Director(A/C) and DDG(Estt.). After detailed discussion both were convinced of the issue and assured to look into the matter and resolve the issue favourably.


14-10-2016 – RTOWA News –

1.    Indoor Medical issue – Inspite of the illness Sh S S Nanda GS RTOWA & Convener JF along with Sh A K Kapoor, Sh R P Sharma Vice Chairman JF , Sh Jaswant Singh Org. Secy JF visited MTNL CO and discussed –

(i)      DIR(HR) was not available in his office and they discussed the case of payment of 50% of the premium by the retirees on phone. Sh Nanda took a strong stand and apprised him that the decision has been taken without taking into confidence RTOWA or any other Association. He clearly told that the decision of MTNL CO is not acceptable to retirees and they will fight it tooth and nail. He showed his strong resentment and told that MTNL CO is trying to harass the retirees. DIR(HR) told that it is a decision of MTNL Board of Directors and asked Sh Nanda to discuss the case with CMD MTNL.

(ii)    All the representatives then had a meeting with Sh P K Purwar CMD MTNL.

The case of payment of 50% premium of Indoor Policy by retirees was discussed with him in detail. All the representatives showed their resentment and told that it is an arbitrary decision taken by MTNL Corporate Office to burden the already bent shoulder of the MTNL retirees. He was told that it is not acceptable to the retirees and they are annoyed by the unilateral decision of the MTNL. He was clearly made to understand that retirees will not make the enhanced payment towards premium of Indoor Policy. CMD told that he is suffering from viral fever and inspite of it, he is attending office. He assured to review the case.

2.    The case of CGHS issue was also discussed with CMD. He was told about  the status of case in DOT. The file of CGHS is shuttling between Establishment and Accounts units of DOT. He told that he will discuss the CGHS issue with DOT authorities by  next week.

3.    He was also apprised of the issue of enhanced gratuity due to implementation of 7th CPC to MTNL retirees. He told that they will write to DOT to get the orders issued at the earliest.



Sh Nanda and Sh Kapoor had a meeting with DGM(A/C) MTNL CO and discussed the issue of payment of premium to Indoor Medical. He assured to discuss it with DIR(HR) and CMD and get it resolved.


78.2 % IDA merger case – It is reliably learnt that the issue of 78.2% IDA merger is being processed in MTNL CO and we are hopeful of a positive result.


Today GS Sh S S Nanda received the letter from MTNL CO for extension of date of applying for CGHS facility upto 30-01-2016 and getting the reimbursement of the amount paid to CGHS from MTNL.


Sh Nanda , Sh Mudgal and Sh A K Kapoor had a meeting with Sh Prahlad Rai GS BSNL executive Association and discussed the issue of Enhanced Gratuity and issue of CGHS orders by DOT. Sh Prahlad Rai told that they have also started working on it and assured to intensify their efforts in DOT and BSNL Management to get the orders of Enhanced gratuity to retirees and implementation of CGHS orders issued by DOT.


14-10-2016- Scheduled meeting with CCA – Pr. CCA Delhi has called a meeting of representatives of Joint Forum of MTNL on Tuesday 18-01-2016 at 11.30 AM to discuss the MTNL Pensioners issues.

All members who want to give their suggestions / problems except VRS arrear / PPO Books may send message by Whatsapp to Sh Nanda ji by Monday 17th October.


12-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News - Indoor Medical cards and Renew of OPD cards –

The Performa to be filled for Applying for Indoor Medical Card is given below.

Retirees may take  following documents with them to apply for I/ D medical card and for extension of OPD Card  to avoid harassment -

1.      Photocopy of OPD Card.

2.      Photocopy of Indoor Medical (TPA) card.

3.      One set of passport size Photographs of self and spouse.

4.      Duly filled Application form in original.

5.      Photocopy of filled application form.


12-10-2016 Form for Indoor Medical card MTNL Delhi


08-10-2016 -  Life Certificate by Pensioners , Jeevan Pramaan Method –

All retirees have to submit their life certificate in the month of November every year to be eligible to continue to draw pension. Govt. of India has announced introduction of system of Jeevan Pramaan system for pensioners to submit the life certificate without physically visiting the pension cell. There have been lot of queries from members about the functioning of this system. The information as given on Govt. of India Website is given below for the guidance of members who are interested to use it –

The complete information is given on Website -

On the website links are given to explain  each items. Members may first read the “FAQ”  link whereby the details of the system is given in the Question –Answer form.


Further brief detail of the system is -

-       What is Jeevan Pramaan -

Jeevan Pramaan is computer generated digital life certificate for pensioner. Jeevan Pramaan Certificate is produced for individual pensioner using his Biometric Credentials.

For this certificate individual pensioner has not to present himself/ herself in front of seniors authorised Officers. This can be generated even from home. Only you need a internet connection and Biometric devices

 Pl note that - this facility has been given to get hassle free Life Certificates. The conventional life certificates are also valid.


How it Works

Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the pensioner. A successful authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate which gets stored in the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can access the certificate on-line.

                     Enrol Yourself

Download the PC/ Mobile application or alternatively visit the nearest Jeevan Pramaan Centre to get yourself registered. 
Provide necessary information like Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order, 
Bank Account, Bank Name and your Mobile number.

                     Aadhaar Authentication

Provide your biometrics, either a finger print or Iris and authenticate your self. 
(Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar Platform for on-line biometric authentication )

                     Life Certificate.

After a successful authentication a SMS acknowledgement is sent to your mobile number including your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID.
The certificates are stored in the Life Certificate Repository for making it available any time and any where for the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency.

                     Access your Certificate

You can download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website by providing the Jeevan Pramaan ID or Aadhaar number.


-       Locate a centre – centre can be located by entering one’s PIN No in the link provided for locating Jeevan Pramaan centre.


-       Download Applications - The applications can be downloaded through the link provided on the website.



Suggestions by RTOWA -  

-      This system is designed for the retirees who has the PPO Book issued by CCA office and not applicable for the retirees holding MTNL PPO book.


-      This method is very useful for the retirees who are residing out Delhi and are not able to come to Delhi to submit the life certificate.


-       The system has still not been tested or utilized by any of our members , so its working system has not been practically tested.


-      RTOWA Delhi representatives will meet the officers of Pr. CCA Delhi and discuss about the implementation of Jeevan Pramaan  & process of life Certificate for MTNL retirees having MTNL PPO book.




07-10-2016 – RTOWA News – Indoor Medical Scheme for MTNL retirees –

AGS Sh R K Mudgal spoke to DGM(Pers) CO and discussed the issue of orders for Indoor Medical treatment by eligible MTNL Retirees. MTNL has issued orders today evening. The copy of orders (two Pages) is given here. As per the orders –

MTNL CO issued circular for “Contributory Group Health Insurance Policy for MTNL retired Employees, 2016” vide letter No. MTNL/CO/Pers/REC-GHIS/2016/1744  dated 07-10-2016. MTNL relaunched the Contributory Group Health Insurance Scheme 2016 for MTNL retired Employees w.e.f 01-10-2016 for a period of two years. The scheme will be served through United India Insurance Company through TPA’s (1) M/S Paramount Health Services Pvt. Ltd for Delhi  and (ii) M/S Medsave for Mumbai.      TPA’s have been nominated initially for three months and they will be given extension depending upon their performance.

All members to note please – (the copy of order is self explanatory but retirees may note that)

(1) TPA will issue their own Medical card for Indoor treatment.

(2) All eligible retirees will have to fill up the requisite forms within one month to get the TPA Cards.

The annexure mentioned in the CO Order will be uploaded on RTOWA website on Monday.



07-10-2016 – Status of PPO Books –

Latest Status of issue of PPO Books for 2007 retirees –

Total cases of retirees of 2007 – 441

Cases approved by MTNL -  367

Cases unapproved by MTNL – 74

PPO  printed by CCA – 174


MTNL CO Orders for indoor Medical - TPA -7-10-2016

MTNL CO Orders for indoor Medical - TPA -7-10-2016


07-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Indoor Medical TPA – GS Sh S S Nanda inspite of his health problem spoke to DIR(HR) and DGM(Pers) CO to sort out the Indoor Medical TPA problem. He told that Paramount TPA for I/D treatment of Delhi has been approved by MTNL. Orders are expected within few days.


CGHS Facility – Sh Nanda discussed the CGHS issue with Dir(HR) & DGM(Pers). Dir(HR) informed that they are in touch with DOT authorities. DDG(Estt.) is trying to hold a meeting with CGHS authorities to ask them to mention only equivalent CDA Scales as it is not possible to mention the Equivalent BP. The meeting is expected after Dussehra Holidays.


78.2% IDA Pay Fixation - It is gathered  from reliable sources Corporate Office is trying hard to solve the issue of 78.2 % IDA Pay fixation. We hope to get some important news.




05-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News – Volunteer Contributions received –

We are thankful to the following members for the special contribution made for the welfare of the Association –

1.      Sh O P Sachdeva (23173) Executive member – Rs 5000/=

2.      Sh Subhash Chand Manga (22783)   - Rs. 5000/=



05-10-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

AGS Sh R K Mudgal And Sh N K Bhatia met CAO(Pen) in CCA office and discussed VRS arrear Payments , long awaited family pensioner cases pending for decision , preparation of PPO Books of 2007 onwards and clearing of the cases under objection. CAO(P) informed that except family pensioner cases all other issues are well taken by his office. For family pensioner cases MTNL has to take a decision. He also informed that more than 160 PPO Books have been printed for 2007 retirees.


They also met CAO(P) MTNL Delhi and discussed for settlement of the long pending family pensioner cases and VRS Cases under objection. CAO(P) told that all the issues of  about 125 family pensioner cases have been resolved and arrear payment upto the period 31-12-2006 has been released. These cases have been sent to CCA office for further process and for making arrear payment w.e.f  01-01-2007.  For rest of the family pensioner cases,  some points are pending which are to be resolved by FMS unit. FMS unit assured to resolve the same within  2-3 days. CAO(P) assured that all the remaining family pension cases will be sent to CCA unit within 15 days after FMS unit clears the points in the matter.


CAO(P) also told that there is not a single case pending under objection of the VRS arrear payment cases in his office.


Regarding payment of OPD bills of FY 2015-16 – AO(P) Medical told that all the bills for FY 2015-16 have been paid.  If any retiree has not received the payment for previous year, .0 he may contact the Medical Section in GM(A) office to know the reason of his non-payment. Further , for FY-2016-17,  provisions are being made in the system for feeding the bills and they will start making the payment at the earliest.


Indoor Medical – orders from MTNL CO are still awaited for appointing new TPA for Indoor Medical facilities. Pensioners are suggested to contact new TPA for I/D treatment on the contact numbers already published.



03-10-2016 – RTOWA News Delhi – Indoor Medical TPA -

On instructions of GS Sh S S Nanda , RTOWA representatives held a meeting with Paramount TPA representatives in Khurshid Lal Bhawan. Meeting was held between –

A.    RTOWA Representatives – (1) Sh R K Mudgal  AGS (2) Sh Radha Kishan AGS and GS Sh S S Nanda also had a telephonic discussion Sh R K Kachroo.

B.     Paramount Representatives – (1) R K Kachroo Chief Strategy Officer  (2) Parveen Kumar   Zonal head  (3) Vivek Chamual  AGM   (4) Rati Ram   Help desk Executive.

Issues related to implementation of Indoor medical policy by new TPA for Indoor Treatment of MTNL retirees were discussed in details. The issues agreed are –

1.      Availability of TPA all the time.

2.      Provide list of non-payable items. (will be published on RTOWA website)

3.      Hassle free discharge of patients to have timely approval of claim.

4.      Providing list of Empanelled Hospitals.  (will be published on RTOWA website)

5.      Restrict undue deposit at the time of admission in hospital.  (will be published on RTOWA website)

6.      Timely forward floater cases to MTNL for settlement.

TPA representatives assured to give best and hassle free services and quick redressal of complaints, if any. Paramount TPA has deputed the following executives to assist and help the MTNL retirees. MTNL retirees may contact them in case of any need.

1.      Sh Rati Ram  9205271068

2.      Sh Mangat Ram  9599075899

Present TPA i.e  Paramount has started the work w.e.f 1st Oct0ber 2016. All hospitalization cases w.e.f 01-10-2016 are to be settled by new TPA.

All old hospitalization cases i.e cases upto 30-09-2016 are being settled by old TPA.

Retirees may note – Old TPA cards will remain valid till decision to issue new cards is taken by MTNL Management. MTNL retirees should not be worried on this issue.



03-10-2016 – RTOWA News Delhi – OPD Medical cards of MTNL retirees –

AGS Sh R K Mudgal and Sh Radha Kishan met officials of medical section of GM(A) office MTNL Delhi regarding extension of date of OPD cards. Section officials told that they have instruction to extend OPD cards for three months only.

They, then, met AGM(A) and told that MTNL has already extended the I/D medical policy for one year and implementation of CGHS facility may take some more time. Under these circumstances extending OPD card for three months will be impractical as the retirees will have to come to Medical section again and again and it will be unnecessary burden on the medical section also.

AGM(A) was convinced and agreed to extend the date of OPD medical card for year. She immediately issued telephonic instructions to the concerned persons in the section.

Retirees may note to renew the OPD card following documents are required –

1.      Original OPD Card.

2.      Photocopy of OPD Card.

3.      Photocopy of Indoor Medical (TPA) card.

4.      One set of passport size Photographs of self and spouse.

5.      Duly filled Application form in original.

6.      Photocopy of filled application form.

Retirees may take all these documents with them while going for renewal of OPD cards to avoid harassment.



30-09-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News-

AGS Sh R K Mudgal & ECM Sh A K Kapoor visited Pr. CCA Office in Prasad Nagar / Karol Bagh , MTNL Delhi Pension cell Eastern Court , MTNL CO and discussed with DDG(Estt.) on phone to pursue MTNL retirees issues as –

1.      CGHS facility – CCA told that they have sent the letter to DDG(PAT) DOT giving detail of  problem of mentioning the equivalent CDA pay in PPO Book. ( Copy of letter is given on RTOWA Website).

DGM(Pers) MTNL CO has also sent the letter to ADG(PAT) DOT to resolve the problem of CGHS facility. ( Copy of letter is given on RTOWA Website).

Sh Mudgal discussed the case with Sh S K Jain DDG(Estt.) DOT and requested him to pursue the case and take the suitable decision taking in loop the CCA and CGHS authorities.


2.      Enhanced Graduity – The case of payment of enhanced Graduity (DCRG) to those who retired after 01-01-2016 due to implementation of 7th CPC was also discussed with DDG(Estt.) DOT. He was requested to take initiative to get the orders issued at the earliest. He told that the file of enhanced Gratuity is under process. It has to be examined by finance unit also. But he assured to get the orders issued.


3.      I Card to pensioners to whom CCA PPO has been issued – MTNL Pension cell has informed that approx. 200 pensioners I/cards have been received and are ready for distribution. The list of these pensioners will be uploaded on RTOWA website within few days. Members, whose name is in the list, may then go to MTNL Pension cell and collect their I/Cards.


4.      Arrear to VRS optees - Sh S C Rai CAO(pension) and Coordinator between MTNL and CCA Office told that no case of VRS arrear is pending with MTNL. All cases received under objection have been cleared and sent back to CCA office for further payment.


5.      Status of PPO Books of Pre Apr-2014 retirees – MTNL has approved more than 8000 out of total 8470 cases of Pre Apr-2014 retirees and  CCA office has released 4063 PPO  books.


6.      Indoor Medical w.e.f    01-10-2016 for MTNL Delhi and Mumbai retirees – Sh Mudgal and Sh Kapoor discussed and pursued the issue of Indoor Medical with GM(F) CO and DGM(Pers). They informed that the case is in Final stage and a decision will be taken today only.

MTNL has communicated that they have taken a decision for I/D medical facility w.e.f 01-10-2016 as –

(a)   For MTNL Delhi - The policy with United India Insurance Company has been extended for one more year w.e.f 01-10-2016. But United India Insurance Company has changed the TPA for Delhi. The new TPA is Paramount.

The orders to this effect will be issued on 01-10-2016. The copy of order and the details of TPA will be communicated by 3rd Oct to all the members.

(b)   For MTNL Mumbai – The Insurance Company and TPA have not been changed and the policy has been extended for one more year.



MTNL News – MTNL gets Rs. 110 crores from DOT on A/C of less reimbursement received for pension paid by MTNL from Apr-2014 to Dec2014.



30-09-2016 - CCA and MTNL CO letters to DOT regarding CGHS facility Sep 2016 - click here to download file


30-09-2016 – IDA rate wef 01-10-2016 –

As per calculation based on the data published by Labour Bureau the IDA rate will be 120.3% w.e.f 01-10-2016 i.e the IDA will increase by 5.5%. (Present IDA rate is 114.8%).





RTOWA Mumbai held AGM , Open house Session and Elections to the new body on 25-09-2016 in Mumbai.


The Eighth AGB of our Association was held today at 11 AM at Chabildas High School Hall, Dadar West.
a large number of members participated despite rains in the morning and cancellation and late running of trains.

Office Bearers of RTOWA Delhi Shri.R.K. Mudgal, Shri.A.K.Kapoor, Shri.S.K.Dabral, and Sri.S.K.Bhatia were our Honourable  guests in the AGB.

Annual report was adopted. Audited Accounts were approved.

M/s Patil & Co was appointed as Statutory Auditor for the year 2016-17. Constitution was amended creating a post of Organising Secretary.

Shri. A.K.Kapoor  and Shri. R. K. Mudgal spoke about problems in getting CGHS Card, Pension Revision,78.2% IDA etc. The meeting was adjourned at 1.15 pm for lunch break.



The session started at 2.30 pm. Shri. Sunil Kumar Dir (HR) was the Chief Guest. CMD MTNL deputed Sh.Sultan Ahmed GM (Fin) CO to attend the meeting on his behalf.  Shri. Pravin Punj ED Mumbai, Shri.Rajendra Prasad CGM CETTM,  Shri.J.S. Yadav Chairman United Forum Mumbai, Shri. H. S. Upadhyay President MEA and Shri.Pawar from TPWA were the Honourable Guests.

President Sri.K. Jawahar gave welcome address. Shri Nandaji's message was read out. Sri. Badri R. Pathak gave Key Note address.

Sri.R.K. Mudgal, Sri.H.S.Upadhyay, Sri.J.S.Yadav justified our demands in their address.

Shri. Sultan Ahmed, in his speech, said that Delhi FMS is a facilitator and cooperate with CCA in the work of Preparation of PPOs and payment of Arrears.  He also said that 78.2% IDA issue will be discussed in the Board meeting.

Shri.Sunil Kumar Dir(HR) also said that 78.2% IDA will be considered in the Board meeting and sent to DOT. He said that with meagre resources MTNL is striving its best to meet the demands of pensioners. He further said that the present medical scheme for pensioners will be extended. 
Open Session ended with vote of thanks by Shri. S.V.Gajam Vice President.

Election of New Executive Body:-

After the Open House Session, the AGB was reconvened. Shri. N. Chandrasekaran was chosen as Election Officer. Shri. P.D. Pradhan assisted him in the election process.

Nominations were called for in a prescribed form for every post of office bearers and EC Members.

All the office bearers were elected unanimously.

The newly elected body took an oath of allegiance to RTOWA and to safeguard the interests of the pensioners.

The list of New body is given below.















Asst. General SECRETARY









E C Member & WEB Incharge



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member



Executive Committee Member









The meeting of Co-Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi was held on 24/09/2016 at Mumbai City Telephone Exchange Inspection Quarters. Shri. R, K. Mudgal, A. K. Kapoor, Shri. S.K. Bhatia, and Shri.S.K.Dabral from RTOWA Delhi participated.

Sh K Jawahar , Sh Badri R Pathak, SH M R Dixit ,Sh J B  Chilgar , Sh V K Bhatia, Sh A K Gangopadhadhaya & Sh N K Verma from RTOWA Mumbai participated in the meeting.

Shri Nandaji's & Sh P S Bhayana of RTOWA Delhi could not attend the meeting due to health problems. The message of S S Nanda to the meeting was read out. All the important issues were discussed thoroughly.  It was decided to have close ties with BSNL Pensioners Associations to have unified approach in "Revision of Pension".

CDA Pay in the PPO is one of the requirements to get CGHS Card. This was discussed at length and decided to give some practical suggestions to CCA and DOT.

The meeting concluded with cordial note.


RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

























RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

RTOWA MUMBAI Open house session 25-09-2016

22-09-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News – Payment of Pension Arrear-
AGS Sh R K Mudgal discussed with CAO(Pension) about the files under objection of VRS Arrears. He told that yesterday his office has received 137 files related to Arrears which includes Family Pensioners , death Cases , Life certificate of very old cases and very few cases of VRS arrear. He told that out of these 137 cases , his office has settled 40 cases which are under dispatch. Rest of the files will be cleared in next week.


22-09-2016  -  RTOWA Delhi  - regarding payment of enhanced DCRG ( Gratuity) to retirees who retired after 01-01-2016 due to 7th CPC.

AGS Sh R K Mudgal discussed the issue with DDG(Estt.) DOT . He told that file related to issue of orders by DOT is in progress. But the file has not been received in his unit. He assured that DOT will issue orders on this subject.

Members are requested to wait till DOT issues orders.



20-09-2016  -  RTOWA Delhi  CGHS News

RTOWA AGS Sh R K Mudgal & ECM Sh A K Kapoor  met CCA Delhi and discussed about the implementation of DOT orders regarding CGHS facility. The issue was discussed in length .  CCA told that his office has written to DOT for seeking clarification on the issue of mentioning the equivalent IDA-CDA Basic pay in the PPO books.  Association representatives gave some suggestions & formula for calculating the equivalent CDA BP for CGHS purpose. CCA told that his office will wait for the reply of DOT on the issue and start work accordingly.


AGS met GM(Fin) CO and GH(HR) CO and briefed them about the discussions held with CCA.  AGS requested them to pursue the case with DOT  as the case is being abnormally delayed due to one reason or the other and this delay is causing heart burning amongst the retirees. Also CGHS Medical facility is beneficial for both pensioners and MTNL organization. So MTNL management should take extraordinary efforts to resolve it. GM(HR) told that DIR(HR) is in Mumbai and she will talk to him to pursue the matter for early settlement.

GM(Fin) also assured for the same.


AGS also talked to DDG(Estt.) DOT and discussed with him the abnormal delay in implementing DOT orders on implementing CGHS facility. AGS also briefed him about the letter written by o/o Pr. CCA to DOT. AGS requested him to intervene and find out a amicable solution which is acceptable to CCA , CGHS authority. He also requested him to arrange a meeting of  DOT , CCA & CGHS authorities to find an early solution. DDG(Estt.) told he has not received the letter yet but assured to take a suitable and early action on receipt of the letter as per the content of the letter.



17-09-2016- RTOWA Delhi News – VRS Arrear Payment -

Sh R K Mudgal AGS discussed with CAO(Pen) regarding the status of VRS arrear  payment. CAO(Pen)  told that payment to VRS optees is being made but some cases were received in MTNL Pension cell with objections. They have cleared most of the cases and sent the files back to CCA office for making payment.


Status of PPO Books –


Year ----

Total no. Cases ----

Approved by MTNL ----

Unapproved by MTNL ----

PPO Books printed or Issued ----

Upto 2005 ----

3284 ----

3271 ----

13 ----

2835 ---

2006 ----

1161 ----

1155 ----

6 ---

1063 ---

2007 ----

441 ---


84 ---

118 ----

2008 ---

502 ---

316 ---

186 ----

0 ---

2009 ---

488 ---

316 ---

172 ----

0 ---




16-09-2016 – UF Delhi News -

Lunch Hour demonstration was held  at MTNL CO CGO Complex on 16-09-2016 in support of UF demands –

1.   Revision of Pension of MTNL retirees.

2.   Fixation of pay and pension as on 01-01-2007 merging of 50% IDA effectively amounting to 78.2%.

3.   Providing an opportunity to Pro-rata pensioners for exercising fresh pension option.

4.   Extending benefit of Medical facility under CGHS.

5.   Withhold of proposed VRS till settlement of old demands.

Members of various Unions and Associations of MTNL Participated in it. A large number of RTOWA members participated in it without caring for the immense heat and temperature of Delhi at this age of life.  The gathering was addressed by all leaders of Associations and Unions present. The leader stressed the need of unity among all the associations and Unions and spoke on the demands of UF. 

Sh R K Mudgal AGS RTOWA addressed the gathering on behalf of RTOWA as Sh Nanda was not well. In his address he told the latest out come of Pension revision ,CGHS and 78.2% demand. He stressed the need of unity among all the Unions and Association to achieve the demands. He also told that future strategy and agitational programmes  needs to be chalked out by discussion among all the constituents and unilateral decision will not be fruitful. MTNL management is not listening to our demands and a more intensive plan with a new strategy has to be chalked out .

RTOWA Office bearers and Executive committee members are thankful to all RTOWA Members who have come all the way from their houses to participate in the Rally and shown their determination to the cause of the retirees and working employees of MTNL.

Few photos of UF agitation are given here.



United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations Agitation Programme –


As decided earlier the next Agitational Programme of UF in support of its demands Viz. –

1.   Revision of Pension of MTNL Retirees .

2.   Fixation of pay and pension as on 01-01-2007 merging of 50% IDA effectively amounting to 78.2%.

3.   Providing an opportunity to Pro-rata pensioners for exercising fresh pension option.

4.   Extending benefit of Medical facility under CGHS.

5.   Withhold of proposed VRS till settlement of old demands.

Programme is -

16th September 2016 (Friday) – Lunch Hour demonstration at MTNL CO CGO Complex.


All members are requested to attend the agitational programme to achieve the long pending demands.





15-09-2016 – RTOWA News –

A meeting of UF Delhi was held on 14-09-2016 in Kidwai Bhawan. RTOWA was represented by Sh S N Pandey VP and Sh A K Kapoor ECM. Sh Nanda is not well and Sh Mudgal is out of Delhi  so they could not attend the meeting. The Agitational Programme and demands of UF was discussed in the meeting . All constituents present emphasided to make the agitational programme of 16-09-2016 a grand success to achieve the demands. RTOWA issue of pension revision was also discussed in it. Sh Mange Ram Chairman informed that a letter has been written to Secy(DOT)  demanding revision of Pension of MTNL retirees.

MTNL management  invited the Representatives of UF to discuss their  demands and the agitational programme being launched by UF. After the meeting the representatives of UF went to MTNL CO and had a meeting with MTNL Management to discuss the demands of UF. The meeting was chaired by DIR(HR). ED Delhi and other officers of MTNL Delhi were present in the meeting.  Issue of grant of 78.2% IDA fitment w.e.f  01-01-2007 was discussed at length. DIR(HR) informed that they have already taken up the case with DOT to provide financial assistance  to grant 78.2% IDA fitment.  DOT has asked MTNL to send the note with Approval of Board of director. Board meeting was held on 13-09-2016 but this point could not be discussed as Govt. (Director) was not present in the Board meeting. It will be taken in next board meeting.

Regaring CGHS - UF Representatives told Dir(HR) that CGHS has raised certain objection on Basic pay mentioned in the letter of DOT . CGHS wants CDA basic pay to be mentioned in PPO Book. Completion of all the foramlities may take considerable time. DIR(HR) told that he know the whole issue and assured that present MTNL Medical Indoor and outdoor scheme will continue for retirees till completion of all formalities of CGHS.

On the issue of one chance to prorate optees DIR(HR) informed that DOT has asked for the expenditure involved in it. The expenditure is being assessed by the Finance wing of MTNL.


The CGHS issue was discussed by Sh Kapoor with Sh K A Sarma  presentaly working as Consultant(F) in MTNL CO to find out a solution of  equivalent CDA basic pay. RTOWA has drafted some sample basic pay calculation tables. The same were given to Sh K A Sarma for further examination. Sh Sarma told he will study them and will find a workable solution of the CGHS issue.



11-09-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News - Appeal to VRS Optees-

RTOWA is committed to resolve the problems of retirees. This association has resolved many problems of the retirees particularly Govt.Pension, Revision of pension from 2007 and the pension arrear, VRS issues ,CGHS issue and other important issues. We are aware of the very important issue i.e TIME BOUND PROMOTION of VRS Optees. The association has taken up this case at all levels. The case was discussed with CMD, DIR(Fin), DIR(HR). In all our formal meetings we are pressing MTNL management to resolve this issue. But the result has not come to our satisfaction. The very important issue like Revision of Pension and payment of arrears was on priority and we have resolved these issues. There was some delay in some cases, but the issue was ultimately resolved.

Few of our members are always in hurry to get all the problems resolved in one go. Now a day, it is very difficult to get any issue resolved with MTNL due to its financial position.

Some of the VRS retirees are planning to go to court of law for time bound promotion. These people seem to be misled by the forces who do not want the RTOWA to function smoothly. Going to Court of Law will complicate the issue. It will give MTNL management an excuse not to resolve the problem across the table.

Association has many important issues in hand Viz. Pension revision w.e.f Jan 2017 and CGHS issues which Association is trying to resolve across the table by discussion with different levels of management . Going to court of law at this juncture will have a adverse impact on these issues.

Hence we appeal to the affected members to wait. It is not the right time to go to court of law.  Let the arrears be paid to all. We will pressurize Management to get it resolved across the table at the earliest.


Hoping the members will cooperate. 




11-09-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News – CGHS Status –

 It is known to all that with the great efforts and persuasion of RTOWA,  MTNL management and DOT have issued orders for implementation of CGHS facility to MTNL / BSNL retirees. But the CGHS authorities have raised the objection that they want ‘the equivalent CDA Basic Pay at the time of retirement’ to be mentioned on the PPO Book. They are not ready to accept the DOT orders for it.

Calculating the equivalent Basic Pay of each and every retiree is very difficult task and MTNL management does not have the resources to calculate it.

Association is taking this issue at all levels of management and finding the possible solutions to resolve this problem.

We appeal to all retirees to have patience and wait till this problem is resolved. Association has already reached to a deciding stage to get the orders of CGHS issued and we are determined to get other problems resolved at the association level.

Moreover, members may note that MTNL indoor / outdoor Medical scheme will continue till finalization of CGHS scheme. They should not be worry about it.

Members should cooperate in resolving this problem.

S S Nanda


09-09-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

GS Sh S S Nanda & AGS Sh R K Mudgal met CAO(pension) at Karol Bagh Unit to pursue the ongoing issues of the pensioners.

CAO told that more than 70 PPO have been printed of the retirees of 2007. He also told that the process of printing could have been much more ,if connectivity of the FMS System is regularly available. Interruption of the connectivity is very frequent.

About arrear payment to VRS Optees , CAO told that as on date arrear payment to more than 62 VRS optees have been released and for others work is in progress.

GS & AGS also met CAO FMS & discussed about the connectivity problem of the system. She told that last week they had a discussion over this issue in length. IT unit has been briefed about the problem & asked them to find out the early solution. She was hopeful of the early solution. CAO told out of total 623 VRS optees arrear payment to 171+62=233 has been released.

Other details are as under –

Total No. of pensioners from 1998 to Dec 2006     -    4447

Total No. PPO Books released                                -    3900

Arrear Payment released to total No. of Pensioners including VRS Optees   

-          2607.


GS and AGS also met DGM(Pers) & DGM(A/C) & discussed about the points raised by CCA office for clarification. They told that issue has been brought in the notice of higher ups to find out the solution of the problem in consultation with the DOT & the CGHS authorities.



03-09-2016 –- Executive Committee Meeting – RTOWA Delhi Executive Committee Meeting was held at 15.00 Hrs. on 3rd September 2016 (Saturday) in Room No. 556 , Fifth Floor,  Kidwai Bhawan New Delhi.

Sh Sheel Kumar Vice President Presided the meeting as Sh M K Bagchi is out of India.

President welcomed all the Office bearers and Executive members of the Association. He stressed upon  the need of togetherness and support of the members to resolve  the upcoming issues.

President informed the house that in the last Conference of RTOWA it was decided that Sh A K Kapoor should be inducted into the Executive Body on his retirement, due to his ability and experience of understanding the issues of retirees and his sincerity to solve it.

Sh S K Bhatia proposed his name as Executive Member and S K Dabral seconded it. The house accepted the proposal with one voice and Sh A K Kapoor  was declared elected a member of RTOWA Delhi Executive Committee.


GS Sh S S Nanda presented the GS report on all the ongoing issues. These issues were discussed by members. The brief of the issues discussed are -

I.        Issue of PPO Books to old retirees- GS informed that PPO Books upto retirees of 2006 has been completed and for retirees of 2007 onwards the necessary modifications in the FMS system has been done and the work of preparation and printing  of PPO Books has been started. CCA office will start releasing the PPO books within few days. MTNL Delhi has already sent service books of retirees of 2007 and 50% retirees of 2008 to CCA office.


II.      Payment of Arrear to VRS Optees – GS informed that after persuasion by RTOWA with CCA , the process of payment of Arrear to VRS optees has started and is expected to be completed by September end.


III.     OPD reimbursement problem – GS informed the house that problems faced in the system for feeding the OPD bills has been sorted out. GM(A) unit is feeding the data for OPD bills, then files are sent to Pension cell. Pension cell after checking the bills are releasing the payment. All pending bills are expected to be cleared by September end.



IV.    CGHS facility to retired employees – GS informed that MTNL CO has issued the orders for extending the date for filling forms by those whose PPO book has been issued to 30-11-2016. DOT has also issued the orders on scale mapping. But after issue of orders by DOT a new problem has been raised by CGHS/ CCA authorities. CGHS authorities want the CDA Basic pay to be mentioned in the PPO Book. Mentioning of CDA basic pay is not possible in case of MTNL / BSNL retirees. Association has taken the case at all levels of MTNL / DOT / CGHS/ CCA. MTNL management and DOT / CCA are finding a solution to this problem. RTOWA will definitely resolve this problem. Members are advised to wait for some time and not go to MTNL / CGHS office till this problem is fully sorted out.


V.     Pension revision of MTNL retirees due to 7th pay Commission / 3rd PRC -  GS informed that the association is actively working to get the pension revision implemented for MTNL retirees. Association representatives have gone to Bengaluru / Mysore and held meetings with two Retired Associations of BSNL viz. AIBSNLPWA& AIBSNLREA.  RTOWA Delhi and Mumbai have sent letters to Secy / Jt. Secy  DOT / CMD MTNL to implement pension revision on the basis of 7th pay Commission. Association has taken this issue on priority basis and will definitely achieve it.


VI.    UF Activities – GS informed that RTOWA Delhi is an active and most important constituent of UF.  RTOWA Delhi is contributing financially and our members are actively participating in all its agitational programmes. RTOWA’s demand of Pension revision has not been included in the list of demands published in the posters. RTOWA is committed to the welfare of retirees and has always taken the stand that RTOWA will support any organization who is ready to fight the issues of retirees. The functioning of UF was discussed in length. House showed its strong resentment over the controversial decisions and functioning of the UF and demanded that all constituents should be taken into confidence while taking any decision at the platform of the United Form. GS of RTOWA being measure constituent of UF and having largest membership is totally unaware of most of the decision making process and is kept in dark. House took a serious note of entire working of UF. House unanimously resolved and authorized GS to take any appropriate decision for the welfare and in the interest of the association and its members as per the need of hour.



President on Chair  Sh Sheel Kumar thanked all the members for their co-operation and support and their efforts to resolve the issues of retirees.




RTOWA News Dated 01-09 -2016 –  GS S S Nanda , AGS Sh R K Mudgal and ECM Sh A K Kapoor Visited MTNL Delhi and met officers of GM(A) and GM(F) and Pension cell. Following issues were discussed –

1.      Payment of OPD Bills for FY 2015-16 – GM(A) medical section is feeding the data in FMS system for OPD Bills for FY 2015-16. After feeding in FMS System files are sent to Pension cell for checking and making payment. The payment to these OPD bills has already started. GM(A) office has fixed a target of 30-Sep-2016 to complete all the pending OPD bill of previous year.

2.      Payment of arrear to VRS optees – The case was discussed with CAO(Pension) . MTNL is sending the cases to CCA office for payment.

3.      PPO Book preparation to retirees of 2007 onwards -  pension cell Delhi informed that they have sent the files of retirees of 2007 to CCA office for preparation of PPO Books. Also 40%  files of retirees of 2008 have been sent to CCA office and the rest files of 2008 retirees are expected to be sent by 10th September 2016.  There are approx. 1667 cases of retirees from Jan 2007 to may 2010. Out of these cases 850  files have been sent to CCA office PPO Book preparation.



RTOWA News Dated  02-09-2016 - GS S S Nanda , AGS Sh R K Mudgal and ECM Sh A K Kapoor visited  CCA office Pension cell Karol Bagh. Following issues were discussed –

1.      PPO Book Preparation – The necessary modifications in FMS system has been completed and the CCA office has started printing PPO Books of 2007 onwards retirees. CCA office will start distribution of these PPO within few days.

2.      Payment of Arrear to VRS Optees. – On persuation by RTOWA ,CCA office agreed to make the payment of Arrear to VRS optees.  CCA office has started releasing payment of Arrear to VRS optees and is expected to be completed by September end.

RTOWA Executive committee is thankful to all those members who have cooperated with RTOWA request to have patience and have not gone to the court of law as going to court of law creates hurdles in resolving the problem across the table with management.



02-09-2016 – RTOWA News – CGHS Implementation meeting with CCA Delhi-

RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda , AGS Sh R K Mudgal and ECM Sh A K KApoor visited CCA Office Delhi to discuss the implementation of CGHS orders.

CCA Sh Manish Pathak was not well and was on leave. Case was discussed with Jt. CCA.    After studying the DOT letter Jt. CCA raised certain queries. He said, these queriesare to be addressed by the DOT. They will start working after receiving the clarifications from DOT. The case will be further discussed with CCA on Monday / Tuesday after his joining the office.

Association representatives then met GM(HR) and GM(Fin) CO and discussed the issue at length. They requested them to take the issue with DOT and CCA and resolve all the queries raised by Jt. CCA and get the modified orders issued from DOT at the earliest so that retirees can start availing the CGHS facility .


Members are advised not to go to MTNL office / CCA office or CGHS office till complete formalities are sorted out for preparation of CGHS cards.

  Further details will be published soon.



31-08-2016 – RTOWA News – CGHS Date extension orders by MTNL –

As a result of continuous persuasion and tireless efforts by RTOWA representatives,  MTNL CO issued orders for extension of last date for applying CGHS. The last date is now 30-11-2016.

The copy of orders is given here.



21-08-2016 -  RTOWA Delhi News –

Meeting of Newly retired executives of MTNL Delhi –

A get together meeting of recently retired executives of MTNL Delhi will be held on Saturday , 3rd September 2016 in Room No. 556 Kidwai Bhawan at 14 Hrs.

The recently retired executives will be addressed by General secretary Sh S S Nanda.

Executive members and Office bearers are requested to communicate this message to the newly retired executives and ask them to attend the meeting.

 This meeting is for newly retired members only.



21-08-2016 – RTOWA Delhi News –

Notice  - RTOWA  Delhi Executive Committee Meeting

The meeting of Office Bearers and Executive members of RTOWA Delhi will be held on Saturday,  3rd September  2016 in Room No. 556, Kidwai Bhawan at 15.00  Hrs.

The agenda of the meeting will follow.

All office Bearers and Executive members are requested to attend it.


19-08-2016 - RTOWA News - The executive committee Meeting scheduled to be held on 20-08-2016 has been postponed due to some unavoidable circumstances. date of next meeting will be informed.
The meeting on of recently retired executives to be held on 20-08-2016 has also been postponed.

Inconvenience caused is regretted.
S S Nanda

21-02-2016 - MTNL OPD Certificate to be filled while applying for renewal of OPD Card - click here to download file

21-may-2016-The list of Return Indoor medical cards given by TPA -click here to download file

21-05-2016 - The list of PPO of Pre-2014 retirees Issued by CCA Office - click here to download file

21-05-2016 - The list of Indoor medical claims pending due to Premium not received given by TPA- click here to download file

List of Indoor Medical cards Received bak by TPA dated 1st April 2016. Members may see their name and collect I/d Card from TPA in 1st Floor CTO Canteen - click here to download file

05-03-2016- List of PPO issued to Pre April -2014 retirees - click here to download file

05-02-2016 - Pensioners Identity Card Performa - click here to download file

06-02-2016 - List of old retirees who's PPO Books have been prepared till now - click here to download file

22-01-2016 -GS Report Adopted by GB on 22 Jan 2016- click here to download file

22-01-2016 - Key Note Address by GS in Open House Session on 22-01-2016 -click here to download file


Photos of RTOWA Delhi Co-ordination Committee Meeting on 21st January 2016 , General Body Meeting , Open House session and Election held on 22nd January 2016 are given below.

For more photos please click the link below –


10-01-2016 - CCA has sent a list of PPO of Pre Apr- 2014 retirees prepared till date. - click here to download file

Joint letter to PM for Pension Revision - click here to download file

UF Letter to Sec(T) - click here to download file

12Dec15 - United Form Letter to CMD , DOt for 78.2% Pay fixation, CGHs and Option to Pro Rata optees (DOC) -click here to download file

List of those retirees whose GOVT PPO has been prepared but data has not been entered in the computer data base>>>>>>click here to download file

MTNL CO Orders for payment of VRS Optees arrears - click here to download file

RTOWA letter to CMD Mentioning retirees problems dated 27-10-2015 - click here to download file

TPA Indoor Medical Card Renewal Form for retirees - click here to download file

delhi retirees list whose documents are not Complete - click here to download file

16-09-2015 List of Old retirees whose PPO Books have been prepared or are under preparation is given here. Those who have not received the PPO Book may contact the Pension cell on Ph : 011-25721101 or 25721102.- -click here to download file

RTOWA Letter to Member Finance for payment of Arrears of Pension Revision- click here to download file

CGHS Scale mapping orders click the link below-

Seiority List of TES Grp B prepared by BSNL and submitted to court. It is a provisional list only as down loaded from Other Site - click here to download file

RTOWA Delhi Letter to CMD demanding CGHS Facility on Optional basis - click here to download file

20-07-2015 List of PPO Books of Pre 2014 retirees sent by CCA office - click here to download file

Undertaking draft issued by CCA for discrepency - click here to download file

26-06-2015 -List of Retirees whose Records has been sent by Delhi Pension Cell to CCA For preparation of PPO -click here to download file

25-06-2015-MTNL Delhi has sent a list of Retirees whose PAN / Other documents are not available. Please Check the list and complete the documents and Contact Ms Suman Jain AO(Pension) 9868132652 - click here to download file

RTOWA Letter to DOt to consider Pension revision of MTNL retirees in 3rd pay revision Committe - click here to download file

copy of orders issued by ministry of health and Family welfare for CGHS Facility - click here to download file

copy of letter written by MTNL CO to GS regarding Arrears of Pension - click here to download file

Year wise Data of Retirees whose PPO Books are to be Prepared by CCA Office - click here to download file

Documents required for Pensioners of Apr-14 Onwards for Pr. CCA Office - click here to download file

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.

RTOWA Delhi Membership Form - click here to download file

Form to claim Indoor Floater Amount - form is to be submitted to TPA within 15 Days - click here to download file

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