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Retired Telecom Officer's Welfare Association (Regd.)

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NEWS DATED 30-07-2014


”Sir, sorry to disturb you. The pension fund for this month is not released. You may be waiting for DOT to pay. Pl intervene. “

DOT vide letter no.26-10/TA-1/2014/2396 dt 24-6-2014 has stated that MTNL will pay pension up to Sept, 2014. MTNL should pay without delay.


MTNL has agreed to make the payment till June only. Now Dot either makes payment directly or gives advance to us for pension disbursement. Dot has been intimated accordingly also.

In view of the above information, pension payment is likely to be delayed for unknown period.

NEWS DATED 27-07-2014

GS met GM (A) Mrs Meera Chahuan& Sh.Mishra Add GM H/Q,MTNL,Delhi on 26th July and discussed the issue of issuing of Temp. I/D Medical cards to the retirees who’s PPO Books are not issued. Both agreed to follow the instructions issued by CO  

On our request MTNL Corporate Office has issued instructions for not to deduct income tax for this month

The CCA, New Delhi (DOT) has paid a refund to MTNL Rs. 28.62 crore against the pension paid by MTNL for the retirees (Who retired prior to 31st March, 2014). This amount reimbursed to MTNL against 85% of the pension paid to the retirees for the month of April, May, June, 2014 after deducting the pension contribution of the working employees for the same. The CCA Mumbai has released Rs. 38.60 crores to MTNL Mumbai against pension payment on the same way as for MTNL Delhi.  

FOR LETTER TO CMD Regarding inordinate delay in the payment of Pensionary Benefits to the retirees w.e.f. January 2014 onwards & payment of pension to the retirees w.e.f. April>>>>>CLICK HERE

NEWS DATED 22-07-2014

GS along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met Sh. Purwar, CMD MTNL and discussed the various issues,

1.    Abnormal delay in giving payments of pensioner’s benefits to the retirees. GS showed his displeasure and annoyance over the delay and attitude of MTNL management. It was made clear that in case of further delay, the association may take some harsh agitation action.

2.   CMD assured GS that action is being taken to make the payments shortly. GS raised the question of payment of arrears due to revision of pension arrears of VRS optees

3.   GS discussed the issue of provisioning of TAX saving exemption for the current FY 2014/15 in the pension software. CMD assured to take immediate positive action

4.   GS,VP met Sh. Tirky,  GM HR and discussed the issue of payment of arrears of VRS optees ,due the 6th pay commision ,It was informed the action is being taken

5.   The work of preparing PPO Books of retirees who retired in the month of MARCH 2014 has started in Karol Bagh Exch buildings on 22nd July.


NEWS DATED 08-07-2014


As desired by member (F) DOT our G/S along with V/P visited the proposed building for pension cell DOT in SHADIPUR TRAINING CENTER. The proposed building is connected with METRO AS WELL AS LOACL DTC BUS SERVICE. CCA Prashad NAGAR has taken over the space. The renovation work in k/b telephone EXCHANGE Building allotted to DOT pension cell for three months has started and will be ready by the end of this week.GS visited the site on 8th July.

05-07-2014 – Executive Committee Meeting- As already nitified the Executive Committee Meeting of RTOWA was held in 7th Floor Canteen Kidwai Bhawan. Vice president Sh. Ramesh Chandera Presided over the meeting. After the opening remarks by the President two minutes silence was observed in the memory of departed souls. President and GS welcomed all the new retirees. New Retirees were very enthusiastic about the works being done by the RTOWA. SH. R A Gupta Retired CGM MTNL also joined the Association . GS Sh. S S Nanda addressed the house and stated the present position and efforts being made by the Association Leaders to sort out the present ongoing issues like Pension by DOT, Delay in payment of Pensionary benefits to retired Executives, Delay in issue of PPO Book, issue of orders for non Disconnection of RSTC and Issue of Temporary Medical Cards for whom PPO book has not been issued , Cultural Tour organized by the Association. Sh R A Gupta also addressed the House and praised the activities  and efforts beng done by The Association and specifically mentioned that he is very much impressed by the efforts and work of our GS Sh. S S Nanda. Sh. S K Bhatia presented the report of the Tour organised to Vrindavan and Mathura and Thanked all for their cooperation and mentioned that the tour could be managed properly by the special efforts done Sh. S S Nanda GS , Sh. H C Pant ,Sh. R K Mudgil , Sh. Radhakishan, Sh. R K Sharma, Sh B S YADAV and all the participants. Next tour is being planned and will be informed through Website. Sh S K Bhatia proposed to include Sh. N K Gupta recently retired DGM as member Tour Committee. The House accepted the Proposal unanimously and thus Sh. N K Gupta has become a member of the Cultural and Tour Organizing Committee RTOWA Delhi.

 GS replied the various issued raised by the members like  reimbursement of Medical bills, desigantions mentioned in the PPO Book , Payment of Graduity and other Pensionary benfits to  retirees. GS assured to look into all the problems of Members. Members were satisfied by the reply of GS.

On a query raised by the members , GS apprised the House about the space being allotted to DOT Pension cell. As per proposal ,a temporary arrangement has been made in Karol Bagh telephone Exchange and Permanent arrangement is being made in Shadipur  Exchange Building. The GS told that he was not in favour of space at Shadipur as it do not have the proper Connectivity for Senior Citizens. He was in favour of a space at either Karol Bagh Exchange or Rajendra Place as these are well  connected by Metro and Bus Service.

The members also raised the query of Falicitation of Retired CMD MTNL Sh. A K Garg as he has solved the issues of Pension Revision and Pension by the Govt. It was decided in the House unanimously to falicitate Sh. A K Garg in next General Body Meeting of the Association.

Relations with other Associations and United Forms were also discussed. GS apprised the House that we will maintain cordial relations with any association who is helpful in solving the issues of Retired Executives. The House accepted the views of the GS.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.



DOT issued accounting procedure on disbursement of pensioners benefits to all combined service optees absorbed employees of MTNL -REIMBURSEMENT REG.NO.26- 10/TA-1/2014/2396to 2433 dt 24-6-2014.

By this order Principal CCA. Delhi and Mumbai will reimburse 85% of the pension paid by MTNL reducing it further by amt. of pension contribution (BY MTNL) due for the month. The reimbursement will be subject to receipt of details of pension paid each employee wise along the payment proof. The procedure will also remain operational for further three months up to Sept 2014 or taking over the pension payment by the Pr. CCA, Delhi & Mumbai whichever is earlier.

Jt.CCA, Delhi has requested MTNL, Delhi vide NO.2-1/MTNL Comm. Pen/Part-11/ 2014 /Pen/2 dt 3-7-2014 to make arrangements to supply the completed Service Books for the retirees for the month of April 2014 along with FMS report

G/S Sh. S S Nanda, V/P Sh. R. K. Mudgal, Sh. V.K. Tomar G/S MEA met Sh. G. K. Singh Principal CCA, Delhi Region, Prasad Nagar on 4th July and discussed about the abnormal delay in making PPO books. It was observed that there is lack of co ordination and non cooperation from MTNL, Delhi. Seriousness of problems of retirees is not seen. Even the proper sitting arrangements are not made.

In spite of these problems It was informed that Principal CCA, Delhi Region has called 10 service books of APRIL retirees of MTNL DELHI for processing. This will set bench mark for all the service book of retirees.


G/S, VP met GM (HR), DGM (HR) Corporate office on 3rd July and discussed the various issues of retirees. Payment of arrears of VRS optees due to the implementation of recommendation: The letter has been written to Delhi and Mumbai to give details of the amt required. Delhi unit has sent the report; the same is expected shortly from Mumbai.

ISSUE OF TEMP I/D MEDICAL cards to the retirees who’s PPO Books are not prepared, was also discussed. The Corporate Office will again write to Delhi & Mumbai units to issue Temp. I/D medical card for three months immediately after the retirement


G/S & V/P addressed G, B. Meeting of Welfare Assn of MTNL(DOT) Ex-Employees Welfare Assn on 5th July in K. L. Bhawan. G/S. enlightened the house about the various problems arising due to abnormal delay in making necessary arrangements for DOT to take over the task of disbursement of pension


lmplementalion of Vl Pay Commission Recommendations regarding,Pension benetits for retired employees(VRS) ,click for letter>>>>

30-06-2014 - As per Calculations IDA will increase by 2.9% from 88.4% to 91.3% w.e.f 1st July 2014.
30-06-2014 - On persistent Perusal by GS Sh. S S Nanda , MTNL CO has issued orders for retention of Residential telephone Connection for those retired on or after 30-04-2014 and for whom PPO book has not been issued.
Please download a copy of the orders from the link below and contact your Commercial Officer / Sanchar Haat for not disconnection of RSTC.

Orders for Retention of RSTC For Retirees after Apr-2014 - click here to download file

27-06-2014 - MTNL Delhi Pension cell has issued the orders for stoppage of Pnesion (GPF) Optees who are taking pension from Private Banks.
for copy of Letter see the link Below.

Pension Stoppage (Private Banks) - click here to download file

Pension cell has given us the list of retirees who should submit a canceled cheque to the pension cell failing which pension will not be paid to these retirees. In the list kindly note the PC number and name only. For list click here>>.


01-06-2014 - TOUR COMMITTEE-
NEXT Proposed Tour -
Station - Haridwar and Rishikesh
Proposed date of Departure - 29th August 2014 (Friday) Morning 7 AM
Return - 30th August (saturday) Evening.
Bus A/C 2X2 Coach
Stay - A/C Rooms 4 Bedded on sharing Basis.
Proposed expenditure - Rs. 1300/= to 1500/= Per Person.
 Members may sent their comments to S K Bhatia by SMS on Phone No. 9968293370.
11-06-2014 -  On vigorous persuasion and efforts of GS Sh. S S Nanda following orders have been issued.
MTNL CO has issued Orders for  Calls / Amount of Dolphin allotted in Lieu of land Line RSTS to retired Employees of MTNL residing in NCR Area. For copy of letter please click the link below.
MTNL Delhi has issued orders for uniform designation in retirement orders.For copy of letter please click the link below.

MTNL CO orders for Dolphin Calls of Retirees - click here to download file

MTNL Delhi orders for Uniform Designations- click here to download file

Management has issued orders for uniform designation on all documents of retirees. >>>CLICK FOR COPY OF ORDERS

For medical queries members are requested to contact the following:


1.   R.K. MUDGAL  27572222    9868501222

2.   S.N.PANDE      22544444    9868134577

3.   M P PURI         25224040    9868817065

4.   S.K.DABRAL    25995252    9013467101    

Memebrs List updated on 27-07-14
Home page updated         27-07-14

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


click here to download file

FOR MTNL LETTER FOR TDS ON LEAVE ENCAHMENT>>>>click here to download file

1-10-2012  - NEW TPA for indoor medical w.e.f.1-10-2012,


Medi assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.



Raman – 9350659033

Add- B-20 Sector-2, Opposite – HCLComnet , near Sector-15 Metro Station NOIDA -2012301 (UP)

Ph: 0120-4628200, 0120-4628201.

Kindly wait for more details.



(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.


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