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Retired Telecom Officer's Welfare Association (Regd.)

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30-10-2014 – Leaders of Joint Forum of MTNL Retired Association and Unions Sh Mahavir Singh Chairman , Sh S S Nanda Convener , Sh R P Sharma Vice Chairman , Sh Jaswant Singh Org. Secy and Sh R K Mudgal Media & Press secy had a meeting with CMD MTNL Sh R K Purwar today sto discuss the pension issues. The following points were discussed.

1. Pension for MTNL Retirees upto Mar-14 – CMD Informed that it has been decided in DOT that MTNL will make payment of pension to these retirees for the months of Oct-14 to Dec-14 and DOT will make advance payment to MTNL in lieu of it.

2   Requirement of Staff and stake and infrastructure for preparation of PPO Books of retirees upto  Mar-14.- CMD informed that he will make a personnel visit along with Adv (Fin) DOT to assess the requirement and will make necessary arrangement for providing the required staff , space and infrastructure to complete the work of Preparation of PPO Books at the earliest.

3. Earned leave encashment – E/L encashment has been paid upto June-14 retirees and CMD is trying to arrange funds for the remaining retirees. The payment will be made at the earliest.

4. Arear of Pension revision – The case is being taken with DOT and the payment will be made when the DOT releases the funds.

5.  VRS Arears – CMD informed that he will review the case and resolve the issue at the earliest.

6. CGHS – The reports of Delhi and Mumbai have been received and will be sent to concerned units at the earliest.

27-10-2014 – Earned leave payment has been paid to the retiree upto June-2014 of Delhi and Mumbai. Association is perusing very hard in the CO to release the payment of July onwards.

Sh G K Singh CCA told VP Sh R K Mudgal ,on telephonic discussion, that PPO Books of Apr-14 retiree are likely to be prepared by the end of this month and will be issued shortly.

It is gathered that the pension for the month of Oct-14 to the retirees upto Mar-14 will be paid by MTNL and reimbursed by DOT.

19-10-2014 - RTOWA Members List has been corrected incorporating all the suggestions / modifications received and observed.
If any discrepancy is still noticed please intimate by SMS to S K Bhatia on phone no. 9968293370.
The list is given below-

RTOWA MEMBERS LIST MODIFIED UPTO 19 Oct 2014 - click here to download file

31-10-2014 -  MTNL CO has sent a letter to Member(fin) DOT for payment of pension due to pension revision and Arears of Pension of VRS Optees.
for copy of letter click the link below-

MTNL CO Letter to Member(fin) DOT For Apyement of Arears of Pension and VRS - click here to download file


ANNUAL GENERAL BODY Meeting of Retired telecomm Officers’ Welfare Association (Regd.) New Delhi will be held at 11.30 Hrs. in CTO Auditorium, Near Philetic Hall, Eastern  Court New Delhi on 12th November 2014 (Wednesday).

Open House Session will be held at 14.30 Hrs.  Sh. A K Garg , Ex CMD MTNL will be felicitated on this occasion.

Various Leaders from BSNL , MTNL  including RTOWA Mumbai will address the meeting.

Agenda of the Meeting will be communicated shortly.

All members are requested to attend the meeting well in time.


(S S Nanda)

General Secretary.

20-10-2014 – RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met Sh B K Mittal ED MTNL Delhi and requested him to resolve the matter of providing space , staff and infrastructure at the earliest so that the backlog of preparation of PPO Books of more than 8000 retirees is started and completed without further loss of time. He told that he has already given instructions to  GM(Fin) Delhi and assured that the matter will be resolved soon.

DGM(FMS) Delhi informed that he has sent the information / data to MTNL CO asked by DOT for the purpose of CGHS Medical Scheme. The case is under active consideration in the concerned Ministry . MTNL CO has already received the information from Mumbai Unit. After compilation, the information will be sent to DOT for further processing of CGHS Scheme for MTNL Retirees.

Sh. A K Garg EX CMD MTNL,  Sh R K Purwar CMD MTNL,  Sh B K Mittal ED MTNL Delhi,  Sh A S Bhola Pr. CCA ,  Sh G K Singh CCA , Sh N K Joshi GM(HR), Sh Sultan Ahmed GM(F) Delhi , Sh Pankaj Yadav GM(Fin) CO have given the consent to attend the Open House Session of RTOWA on 12th  Nov 2014.

14-10-2014 – Meeting with CMD – RTOWA GS Sh. S S Nanda , President Sh M K Bagchi & VP Sh R K Mudgal met CMD MTNL Sh R K Purwar to expedite the preparation work of PPO Books in coordination with DOT & also to release the payment of Earned leave Encashment for remaining retirees. They also discussed to provide suitable space , infrastructure & manpower so as to finish the preparation work PPO Books of more than 8000 retirees. CMD assured that he is on the job & he is monitoring the progress regularly. He further told that the payment of E/L encashment is being pursued by GM(F) CO.

They met GM(F) CO for payment of E/L encashment to the remaining retirees. He assured that he is making arrangements for the same & the payment will be made at the earliest.

16-10-2014 - RTOWA GS Sh. S S Nanda , VP Sh R K Mudgal & treasurer Sh. P S Bhayana met Pr. CCA for release of payment of pension to the retirees of July-2014 onwards. He informed that all the payments to the retirees of July & August 14 retirees will be made shortly. He also informed that they are going to release the PPO Books of retirees of Apr-14 by the end of this month and the preparation will continue till Dec-14 to complete all the PPO books of current retirees from Apr-14. From Jan-15 onwards the PPO books will be issued in time. Association representatives also raised the issue of payment of arrear of VRS Optees and the arrear of Pension Revision of retirees upto Dec-2006. Pr CCA told Member(Fin) DOT has called a meeting today in DOT to discuss the issue of  releasing the PPO Books. He said that he will raise the issue of payment of arrears in this meeting. Pr. CCA said that to complete the backlog work of PPO Books sufficient space, infrastructure and manpower is required for which he is in touch with MTNL authorities.

Association leaders also met GM(F) Delhi Sh Sultan Ahmed to discuss the matter for providing space, infrastructure and staff so that the work  of PPO Books can be completed in a time frame. He said that he will discuss & resolve the matter on priority.

Association leaders met DGM(Fin) FMS for payment of pending OPD bills. DGM(fin) told that due to some incomplete information in the data of approx. 250 cases could not be made. Required information has been called from the concerned units and the payment will be made through ESC in 2-3 days.

Add GM(A) Delhi has notified to call a meeting of RTOWA along with TPA on 10-11-2014 to discuss Indoor Medical problems of Retired Executives. Members are requested to give their problems / Suggestions to the GS to discuss and resolve in the meeting.

RSTS _Lfie Certificate for retirees Performa - click here to download file

REVISION OF IDA W.E.F. 1.10.2014:
DPE has issued orders revising IDA w.e.f 1.10.2014 from 91.3% to 98.1% for CPSEs where last pay revision was implemented w.e.f. 1.1.2007

Click Here for the orders

10-10-2014 – With the great efforts of GS RTOWA Sh S S Nanda and VP Sh R K Mudgal MTNL Delhi unit has released the Payment of Commutation for feb-2014 retirees to the Bank. It will be credited to the Retirees account by Monday 13-10-2014

The Funds for Commutation for Mar-2014 retirees will be released by MTNL CO on Monday 13-10-2014. And it is expected to be credited to the retirees account by end of Next week.



Funds for OPD Payment have been released by MTNL CO. The payment of  OPD Bills already pending in Pension section / FMS Unit will be released shortly. The  OPD Bills pending in GM(A) unit will be cleared after this payment.

GS & VP met Add. GM(A) Delhi  Sh Mishra regarding Indoor medical problems as per the letter already given to him and published on RTOWA website. Add. GM(A) will give a meeting to RTOWA Leaders & TPA shortly. All members are requested to give their Indoor medical Problems & suggestions to be sorted out in the said meeting.

Indoor Medical Form -

This form is to be submitted to TPA for the renewal of IPD card .

For Copy of Form Click the Link Below.




Indoor Medical form - click here to download file

7-10-2014 – Today Vice President Sh. R K Mudgal met Sh. G K Singh CCA for payment of Provisional Pension and Pensionary Benefits to the retired employees.. The payment to retirees of Apr-2014 have already been made in the last month . 38 cases of may-14 are in the final stage and payment to them will be made in a day or two. Next 58 cases of June-14 are also under process and payment is likely to be made by this weekend. Sh. G K Singh CCA assured that as and when provional pension cases approval is received from MTNL , he is making all possible efforts to release the pension payment to the retirees without any delay. Our Association appreciates and thankls for the cooperation and sincere efforts of Pr. CCA / CCA and Sh. Sultan ahmed GM(Fin) Delhi. Further, the process of making PPO books will start after all the retirees have been paid the provisional pension and pensionary benefits by coordination and cooperation of pr. CCA / CCA and MTNL Delhi and the task will be completed in a time bound framework.

04-10-2014 - GS RTOWA Sh S S Nanda wrote a letter to Ms. Ms Annie Moraes member (Fin) DOT with a copy to Secy(telecomm) DOT , Advisor(Fin) DOT , CMD MTNL,  ED MTNL thanking for their efforts of Provisional Pension. For copy of letter click the link below.

GS RTOWA Sh S S Nanda wrote a letter to Add GM(A) Delhi for gross discrepencies in the Indoor Medical cases of Long Pending cases and for not calling the RTOWA in the medical review meeting. For copy of letter click the link below.

Letter to Member(FIN) DOT For Thanks for Provisional Pension - click here to download file

Letter to Add GM(A) Delhi for calling meeting with TPA and Giving unsettled long Pending Cases - click here to download file

27-09-2014- GOOD NEWS AT LAST

15 MTNL  retirees of Delhi unit who retired in Apr-2014 and the first list  have received provisional pension, Gratuity & Commutation directly from DOT. This has been possible due to persistence and consistent efforts done by our Association (RTOWA) and other related units of MTNL & of concerned officers, staff of O/O Pr. CCA  New Delhi. We convey our thanks and gratitude to all of them.

The sanction letter of other list of such Apr-14 retirees of MTNL delhi has been sent to Pr. CCA. Hopefully, they will also receive provisional pension , commutation & Gratuity from DOT shortly.

Our GS Sh. S S Nanda , President Sh. M K Bagchi , Vice President Sh. R K Mudgal met Sh. G K Singh CCA in Prasad Nagar in the o/o Pr. CCA New Delhi to discuss about the future prospect of taking over MTNL Pension (As combined services) Completely. The Association leaders will  pursue the Pension issue vigorously till the PPO Book of all the Retirees is made.

27-09-2014 – Some members of RTOWA are inquiring about the status of Arrear of Revision of Pension for retirees before 1-1-2007. The arrears payment will be made by DOT after  PPO Books of all retirees have been made by DOT and complete Pension Payment is taken over by DOT. Members are advised to have patience the Association is trying its best for early transfer of all Pension Cases to DOT.

25-09-2014 – RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met GM(Fin) CO to persue the release of pending terminal benefits to retirees and expedite the preparation of PPO Books. GM(Fin) intimated that payment of commutation of retires of feb & mar 14 will be released shortly. He also informed that GM(Fin) Delhui Unit is making all personnel efforts to send the Service Books timely to pr. CCA & preparation of service Books are done in Scheduled time frame work. The Association leaders also met the concerned authorities in HR / medical units to inquire the pending IPD bills of Delhi & Mumbai units. It is gathered that three cases of Delhi unit have been sent back for some clarifications and five cases of Mumbai unit are pending as Mumbai unit has not exhausted the available funds. The same has been intimated to Mumbai unit.

It was further gathered from that payment of Provisional Pension , Graduity and Commutation of Apr-2014 retirees whose cases were sent to Pr. CCA will be made on 26-09-2014

26-09-2014 - As informed earlier payment of Provisional Pension , Graduity and Commutation of Apr-2014 retirees whose cases were sent to Pr. CCA has been made on 26-09-2014

24-09-2014 -  The approval of the competent Authority of MTNL for the payment of Provisional Pension of 15 Nos. of retirees of Apr-2014 have been sent to Pr. CCA for the payment of Provisional Pension and other retirement benefits. The approval of remaining retirees of Apr-14 is expected to be sent to Pr. CCA within few days.

20-09-2014 – A meeting of Office Bearers of RTOWA Delhi Unit and all retired executives from April-2014 till now was held on 20-09-2014 (Saturday) at 2.30 PM in Room No. 556 , 5th Floor Kidwai Bhawan Delhi to discuss Pension issues .

All office Bearers of RTOWA and retired Executives of Apr, May , June, July, August 2014  attended the meeting.  Two minutes silence was observe for peace of the soul of departed executive member Sh. B S Verma.

President Sh. M K Bagchi presided over the meeting and briefed the current pension issue. GS S S Nanda informed the details of the present pension issues , the persuation being done by the Association in resolving the pension issue. He deliberated that the pension issue is in the final stage and FMS software will be completed in a few days and DOT will start issuing PPO books of April and May retirees in a few days. He also informed the house that provisional pension will be paid to only those retirees who have filled the undertaking and Form-V. He also replied the queries of the members. He also informed the house that RTOWA will not hesitate to take support of any other Union / Association who can help us in resolving the issues of retirees. He also cautioned the members not to be deceived by rumour monger / wested interested peoples who are trying to ruin the issues of Retired Pensioners .

All the members  and the President Sh. M K Bagchi cheered and appreciated the dedicated and sincere efforts of the Association Leaders and in particular Sh. S S Nanda. The members felt satisfied by the deliberation s of the GS and president.

19-09-2014-MTNL CO Has issued orders for Further retention of RSTS for Retired MTNL Employees for retired w.e.f April-2014 onwards - click here to download file

20-09-2014 -GS has written a letter to GM(Fin) MTNL Delhi for payment of full pension till payment of Commuted value of Pension -click here to download file

15-09-2014 – RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met Newly Joined GM(F) MTNL Delhi Sh. Sultan Ahmed to discuss the issues related to Retirees. Association Leaders highlighted the issue of non issue of PPO Books by DOT, Non receipt of Pension and other Pensionary benefits by  retirees retired from Apr-14 Onwards.  He was also apprised of the problems of non sending of Service Books by Delhi unit, shortage of staff, space  and infrastructure . we requested him to take immediate action on this issues and to do regular monitoring of the progress of it.

GM(F) Sh sultan Ahmed  told that he has joined repentantly and he is aware of the problems. He is already on the job. He will settle all the issues at the earliest. He also told that he will have a meeting with Pr. CCA and DOT authorities to resolve any hindrance that may be faced.

He thanked association leaders for taking the interest in solving the problems of the retirees and he again assured the association leaders that he will do his best to resolve the problem of Retirees.

Pension Cell MTNL has intimated that all retirees of MTNL Delhi retired from Apr-2014 onwards are required to fill two performa one undertaking and one Form-V for Commutation in the pension cell Khurshid Lal Bhawan. These forms are to be filled up for
Provisional pension , graduity & Commutation payment.
All effected Members are requested to visit the pension cell to fill up these performas. Further they are advised to take their other documents also along with them. Pension will be paid by Pr. CCA DOT.
The copy of undertaking and Form-5 is given below.

Copy of Undertaking and Form-5 for Retirees from Apr-14 onwards -click here to download file

10-09-2014 – RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal met GM(HR) CO & DGM(IR) regarding extending the period of temporary OPD / IPD Medical cards of the retirees whose PPO book have not been issued so far. It was agreed to extend the period of Medical cards. Orders in this regard are expected to be released shortly.

The Association leaders also met GM(Fin) & DGM(Budget) in CO for the release of various pensionary payments pending since Jan-2014. DGM(Budget) informed that payment of Gratuity for retirees upto mar-14 has already been released in this week. He also told that efforts are being made   to release  the payment of Commutation for retirees upto Mar-14 by 15th Sep.

The Association leaders also met GM(RA & Commercial) & DGM(Comm) CO for further extending the period of temporary RSTC  as issuance of PPO Books from DOT is still awaited. It was agreed to extend the period further for three months. Letter in this regard is expected to be released shortly.

The association is trying its level best with DOT & MTNL for the release of Pension and Pensionary benefits to the retirees after Mar-14. A meeting with CMD MTNL is being arranged shortly to discuss these burning issues and all other pending issues related to retirees.


08-09-2014 - Due to persistent efforts of RTOWA Leaders  and GS Sh. S S Nanda orders for provisional Pension has been issued.For copy of Letter please click the link below-

Provisonal Pension Orders - click here to download file

08-09-2014 - Joint Forum has written a letter to CMD for meeting. For copy of Letter please click the link below-

Letter to CMD By Joint Forum for Meeting - click here to download file

Letter to CMD for RSTC Extension - click here to download file

Orders for Retention of RSTC For Retirees after Apr-2014 - click here to download file

click here to download file

For medical queries members are requested to contact the following:


1.   R.K. MUDGAL  27572222    9868501222

2.   S.N.PANDE      22544444    9868134577

3.   M P PURI         25224040    9868817065

4.   S.K.DABRAL    25995252    9013467101    

Memebrs List updated on 21-09-14
Home page updated         21-09-14

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


RSTC Calls Orders by Scale like E5 - click here to download file

FOR MTNL LETTER FOR TDS ON LEAVE ENCAHMENT>>>>click here to download file

1-10-2012  - NEW TPA for indoor medical w.e.f.1-10-2012,


Medi assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.



Raman – 9350659033

Add- B-20 Sector-2, Opposite – HCLComnet , near Sector-15 Metro Station NOIDA -2012301 (UP)

Ph: 0120-4628200, 0120-4628201.

Kindly wait for more details.



(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.


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