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Retired Telecom Officers' Welfare Association (Regd.)

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H.O.-           C-20, Mukhram Garden, Tilak Nagar ND - 110018

Ph; 011-25992929 Mob: 9968721515

For RTOWA Mumbai site click here  -

RTOWA Delhi members Directory updated upto 11-Nov- 2015 is given here. For any discrepency or correction send SMS to S K Bhatia 9968293370 - click here to download file

TPA Nos. Kamal Dhamija – 9310614604,

              Varun Kumar    - 7428829735

Pr. CCA issued circular to issue Life Certificate upto 30th Nov 2015 - click here to download file

22-11-2015 RTOWA Mumbai Annual General Body Meeting and Coordination Committee RTOWA Delhi & Mumbai Meeting-

Coordination Committee Meeting of RTOWA Delhi and Mumbai was held in Mumbai on 19-11-2015. It was attended by Coordination Committee members of Delhi and Mumbai. The issues like Payment of Pension Arrears , VRS Arrears, Life certificate , CGHG issue and release of RTOWA directory in Mumbai AGM were discussed. ( Details news will be published shortly)

AGM Mumbai - RTOWA Mumbai held its AGM on 20-11-2015. Mumbai GS presented its report , treasurer presented the Accounts and all the ongoing issues were discussed. RTOWA Delhi leaders were also invited to attend it.

Open session of RTOWA Mumbai . After the AGM Open House session was held by RTOWA Mumbai. The chief Guest of the function was Sh Arvind Sawant MP Lok Sabha. Many dignitaries were also present in the function. RTOWA Delhi leaders also participated in it.
Sh M K Bagchi in its addressed raised the issue of 78.2% Pay fixation and asked
Sh Arvind Sawant to resolve it.
Sh Arvind Sawant Released the RTOWA Directory in the Open session and assured to solve the issue of 78.2% pay fixation issue.
(detailed news will be uploaded shortly)

Few photos of Coordination committee meeting, RTOWA Mumbai Meeting and Open House session are given below. More photos are uploaded on RTOWA Facebook.)

RTOWA CO-ordination Committee Meeting on 19-11-15

RTOWA CO-ordination Committee Meeting on 19-11-15.

RTOWA CO-ordination Committee Meeting on 19-11-15.

RTOWA Mumbai AGM on 20-11-2015.

RTOWA Mumbai AGM on 20-11-2015.

RTOWA Mumbai AGM on 20-11-2015.

RTOWA Mumbai AGM on 20-11-2015.

RTOWA Mumbai AGM on 20-11-2015.

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

RTOWA Mumbai Open Session on 20-11-2015

Mumbai CST at Night on 20-11-2015


17-11-2015 RTOWA GS SH S S Nanda met CCA Delhi Sh G K Singh and discussed –

1.    Last date of submission of Life Certificate -  The last date of submission of Life certificate is 20th November 2015. Pension of only those retirees for the month of November-2015 will be prepared who have submitted the Life certificate upto 20-11-2015.

However, CCA will receive the Life Certificate after 20th November but their pension will be paid with pension of December.

2.    Payment of arrears of Pension due to pension revision. -  CCA Office has done the calculation of pension arrears for approx. 200 retirees. The retirees upto 2000 year  have been covered in it and calculation for 2001 retirees have started. The payment will be released shortly by CCA office.

3.    CCA office has prepared approx. 2500 (total) PPO Books of Pre Apr-2014 retirees. CCA office will call the retirees for distribution of PPO Books to distribute the PPO Book.



17-11-2015 – Mumbai General Body Meeting – GB meeting of RTOWA Mumbai will be held on 20th November 2015 in Dadar Mumbai. Open session will be held after GB Meeting.  Sh Arvind Sawant MP , Dir(HR) , Dir(Fin), ED Mumbai , CCA Mumbai and many other dignitries will grace the occassion. RTOWA Directory will also be released by Mumbai unit. RTOWA Delhi will be represented by Sh M K Bagchi President  and Chairman Coordination Committee, Sh S S Nanda GS and Convener Coordination Committee, Sh S N Pandey VP and Chairman Directory Committee, Sh R K Mudgal VP and member Coordination Committee , Sh Shil Kumar VP and Member Coordination Committee and Sh S K Bhatia Member Coordination Committee.


Since Sh S S Nanda GS will be not be in Delhi during this period ,  Sh Radha Kishan AGS will act as GS during his absence.



12-11-2015 - RTOWA VP Sh R K Mudgal, S N Pandey and GS Sh S S Nanda visited CCA office at Parshad Nagar and Karol Bagh to see the arrangement of Life Certificate Verification.   


All retirees may note that Pr. CCA Office will remain closed on Second Saturday 14th Nov 2015. Retirees may not visit the Pr. CCA Office and Karol Bagh office on that day.


The current status of Life certificate and PPO Books is –

PPO Book Cases approved by MTNL Delhi   - 4037

PPO Book Cases sent by MTNL to Karol Bagh – 3044

Pension arrear cases under Objection due to error in pay fixation etc. – 912

Life certificate deposit cases in Karol Bagh –

Total PPO issued =(2900+700) = 3600 (approx)

Life certificate deposited out of it – 1900 (Approx)


Life certificate deposited in Parshad Nagar – 2844


The Leaders also visited MTNL Delhi and had a cordial meeting with GM(Fin) Delhi.


The leaders also visited MTNL Co and has a cordial meeting with DIR(HR) , GM(HR) and GM(Fin)



10-11-2015 – CGHS News – RTOWA is continuing its persuasion to get the CGHS orders released. The latest status of CGHS orders is that MOH has asked certain clarifications from DOT / MTNL on the scale mapping. The reply has been sent to MOH by MTNL through DOT.


8-11-2015 – Health Check up camp - In continuation of its efforts to organize welfare camps for the benefit of Retired / working employees of MTNL, RTOWA Delhi organized   4th health check up camp in association with  RGStone Urology and laparoscopy Hospital  on 8-11-2015 (Sunday) from 10 AM to 2 PM at 18, Gagan Vihar main , Near karkari More , Delhi – 110092. Many RTOWA Members along with Office bearers and other members  participated in it. Many body checks were done and the participants were attended by Senior doctors of RGStone. They have an interaction with all the participants, heard their problems and told solutions of the problems also. Necessary  Blood tests were also carried out as per the advise of the doctors. Everyone was treated nicely by the doctors and the staff members. A good arrangement of tea and snacks were made by the RGStone Hospiatal organisers.

  All participants were very happy and appreciated the efforts of first well organised health care programme for the welfare of the members and their families.

       VP Sh S N Pandey and Sh R K Mudgal ,GS S S Nanda and AGS Sh Radha Kishan thanked all the participants  and organisers of RGStone  particularly Sh Deepak  Pant for their cooperation in making the programme a success.

       RTOWA will continue its efforts to organise health related programmes with coordination of expert Doctors and Hospitals for the welfare of the RTOWA members and their families.

Few photographs of the camp are given below -


05-11-2015 – RTOWA VP Sh R K Mudgal, S N Pandey and GS Sh S S Nanda visited CCA office at Parshad Nagar and Karol Bagh to see the arrangement of Life Certificate Verification. In general, the system has started working and Life Certificate of the retirees is being accepted by the authorities.


Note – CCA office will remain open on Saturday also to accept Life Certificate.

CCA Office Timings - CCA office will issue tokens upto 3 PM on normal days and

 on Saturday token will be issued upto 1PM.


Since a large no. of retirees are going there to submit the life certificate, members are advised to reach there well in time to avoid any inconvenience.



IMPORTANT – All retirees to note Please – Regarding Life Certificate

02-11-2015 –

Today large number of retirees gathered in MTNL Delhi eastern Court to submit the life certificate and also in CCA Office prashad Nagar to submit the life certificate but nobody accepted their life certificate. The retirees were very much annoyed and felt harassed. Moreover, retirees (whose PPO Books have not been prepared) received SMS from MTNL Delhi asking them to submit the Life Certificate duly attested from 12 authorities, authorized by DOT to AO(Pen Disb) along with original PPO Book. The message indicated that retirees will have to get their Life certificate attested and also appear personally which is against the law.

SMS was also received by retirees whose PPO Books have been prepared to submit the life certificate in CCA office along with PAN Card, Adhar card and PPO Book.


RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda along with VP Sh R K Mudgal and VP Sh S N Pandey visited MTNL Delhi Pension Cell , Discussed on phone with Pr.CCA ,CCA , GM(F) Delhi and DIR(Fin) MTNL on the issue of Life certificate. They all showed their inability to resolve the issue. They told that orders from DOT are required to take any action.

Then GS send an email and a letter to Member(Fin) DOT on this issue. The case was discussed by GS at length with Member(Fin) DOT and she was told of the situation and harassing treatment being given to senior citizens.

Member(Fin) on discussion informed that retirees can submit the digital life verification certificate through Jeewan Praman Portal or life certificate duly signed by prescribed authorities. But, when GS informed of the practical situation, she agreed to consider -

1.    Doing necessary modification in the system to accept the MTNL PPO book numbers.

2.    To authorize some official of MTNL to verify the Life Certificate.

3.    To extend the date of accepting life certificate till 30th November.


It may be noted by the pensioners whose PPO Books have been issued by CCA Office – they will have to submit the life certificate in Nov-2015 and not in the month mentioned in the PPO Book.

GS again spoke to DIR(F) and CCA and informed them the discussions held with Member(F) DOT.


Moreover, it has been seen that Pr. CCA office Delhi has uploaded five circulars relating to Life certificate of MTNL Pensioners. The details of these circulars are given below.(the circular may be seen in the link )-














RTOWA letter to CMD Mentioning retirees problems dated 27-10-2015 - click here to download file


26-10-2015 – Pension revision Arrear Payment – Due to consistent efforts of RTOWA Pr. CCA Office Delhi has released the Pension Revision arrear payment of 23 Retirees today. The work of payment for other retirees is under process and it will be continued to be paid.


TPA Indoor Medical Card Renewal Form for retirees - click here to download file


03-10-2015 – On vigorous pursuation by RTOWA Leaders MTNL CO has extended the present Indoor medical Facility for retired MTNL Employees for one more year w.e.f   01 Oct 2015. The copy of order will be uploaded shortly.


28-09-2015 - RTOWA VP Sh R K Mudgal  and GS Sh S S Nanda met GM(F) Delhi to sort out the retirees issues –

  1. As a result of persuation of the Association GM(F) Delhi released the senirioty list of retirees for the purpose of payment of Pension arrears and sent it to CCA Office.
  2. GM(F) informed that name correction cases in Service Book are being settled on priority basis.
  3. GM(F) unit Delhi has supplied a list of 394 retirees / Family pensioners whose documents are not available in Pension unit. These retirees may contact Pension Cell Delhi Tax Building. (The list is uploaded below --- )

Status of PPO Books of old retirees –

Cases approved and fed in the system -----    3472

(Including 350 cases of 2006 retirees)

Cases sent to CCA Office --------  2502

PPO Books released by CCA office  ----    1774

Cases involved in Pension arear  ----      4260


delhi retirees list whose documents are not Complete - click here to download file

16-09-2015 List of Old retirees whose PPO Books have been prepared or are under preparation is given here. Those who have not received the PPO Book may contact the Pension cell on Ph : 011-25721101 or 25721102.- -click here to download file


20-08-2015 – All members to note – Regarding CGHS Facility –

AS Already published on the website MTNL CO has issued letter to DOT  for CDA -IDA Scale mapping. Some retirees are approaching CGHS Office to avail CGHS Medical facility on the basis of this letter. It may be made clear that DOT will , in turn , send a letter to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for implementation of CDA – IDA scales mapping and inclusion of MTNL retirees in CGHS Scheme. Association is pursuing the case. Retirees are requested to have patience and wait till the process is completed.


RTOWA Letter to Member Finance for payment of Arrears of Pension Revision- click here to download file


15.08.2015-  Arrears of Pension -  Government has decided to pay the pension arrears for the combined service pension optees of MTNL for the period from  01.01.2007 to  30.09.2012 which was not paid by MTNL .For copy of order please click the link below.


CGHS Scale mapping orders click the link below-

Seiority List of TES Grp B prepared by BSNL and submitted to court. It is a provisional list only as down loaded from Other Site - click here to download file

RTOWA Delhi Letter to CMD demanding CGHS Facility on Optional basis - click here to download file

20-07-2015 List of PPO Books of Pre 2014 retirees sent by CCA office - click here to download file

Undertaking draft issued by CCA for discrepency - click here to download file

07-07-2015 - RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda , VP Sh R K Mudgal met Pr. CCA and CCA Delhi and discussed –

(1)  Slow progress of preparation of PPO Books – They agreed that there are problems in the preparation of PPO Books and they have already taken the matter with DOT .

(2)  Delay payment of DCRG and Commutation to recent retirees – Association representatives told that the payment of April retirees could be made on 7th July after rigorous persuasion of Association. CCA told that they are making payment within few days after receipt of sanction letter from MTNL Pension unit.

(3)  Regarding undertaking for name difference etc. CCA told that the draft undertaking has been approved and will be made available within few days.


07-07-2015 - RTOWA GS Sh S S Nanda , VP Sh R K Mudgal also met GM(F) CO and DGM(HR) CO and discussed the orders for IDA – CDA scale mapping for CGHS. Association leaders checked the draft letter and pointed out certain discrepancies. Both Fin and HR units agreed to rectify the discrepancies before release of letter.



07-07-2015 – United Forum Meeting With Dir(F) MTNL -  Followed by meeting with Member (Finance) DOTon 06/07/2015, United Forum met Director(Finance) MTNL, Corporate Office. The delegation includes S'Shri M.K.Bagchi, Convener U.F, S.S.Nanda, GS RTOWA,  R.K.Mudgal,Vice-President RTOWA  and A.K.Kaushik, GS TEAM,.

Leaders conveyed their serious concern about very poor progress in the preparation of PPO Books and  our viewpoints thereof. To this Director (Finance) informs that both MTNL and DOT are also concerned about poor progress which is far below the target set earlier. He also informs that both Principal CCA and MTNL had a detailed discussion about this yesterday with Advisor (Finance)/DOT. He is hopeful that the situation will improve hereafter.

Leaders apprised Director (Finance) of our discussion with Member (Finance) yesterday (06/07/2015) on the issue of payment of pension arrears. Leaders have understood that DOT needs to seek approval from the competent authority to make payment of pension arrears as this pertains to the period prior to April,2014 when DOT took over the disbursement of pension to the combined pension holders and, for this, DOT needs the details of the liabilities related to the pension and pension contributions etc for the period prior to April,2014. MTNL is to provide the same. Leaders have requested Director (Finance) to take personal initiative in this respect. After some discussion,  Director (Finance) assures that he will arrange to provide to DOT the details that facilitate the payment of pension arrears.

As regards the arrears of pension for the VRS pensioners for the period prior to 01/01/2007, director (Finance) recalls the assurance given  by him in this respect. But he insists that this can be paid only when the arrears of pension revision w.e.f 01/01/2007 are paid.

Further, after deliberate discussion for timely issue of PPO books Dir(F) agreed to depute a senior level officer in Karol Bagh pension cell to monitor the work and solve the problems of staff. He will also coordinate with CCA office for smooth functioning of work.

On request of Association leaders Dir(F) agreed to talk to Pr. CCA and have personnel visit of CCA Office Karol Bagh to sort out the issues.



07-07-2015 – On request of RTOWA CCA Office Delhi has sent a list of Old Retiree whose cases were sent by MTNL for preparation of PPO Books but these cases are under some objections. For list of such retirees please see the list below.


26-06-2015 -List of Retirees whose Records has been sent by Delhi Pension Cell to CCA For preparation of PPO -click here to download file

25-06-2015-MTNL Delhi has sent a list of Retirees whose PAN / Other documents are not available. Please Check the list and complete the documents and Contact Ms Suman Jain AO(Pension) 9868132652 - click here to download file

Meeting with CCA – A meeting of RTOWA and  CCA Delhi was held on 16-06-2015 at 16 Hrs in the chamber of CCA Delhi to discuss Pension issues. Following officers / Association representatives were present in the meeting –

Sh G K Singh  - CCA                     Sh. M K Bagchi     - President RTOWA

Sh Chaturvedi  - Deputy CCA     Sh R K Mudgal     - VP RTOWA

Sh K P Singh  -    Deputy CCA      Sh. S S Nanda       - Gen. Secy. RTOWA

Sh Pramod Kumar – AO(PDA)

Elaborate discussions took place on various issues related to the pensioners and decided as under –

1.    Discrepancy of Name / Surname etc. –CCA told that large no of cases have been noticed where Name / Sirname mentioned in the Service Book does not tally with their PAN / ADHAR CARD . PPO Books are being issued strictly as per Service BOOK records. CCA told that there is provision for correction of data in PAN / ADHAR Cards and pensioners may get the revised Cards. After threadbare  discussion CCA agreed that  Pensioners has to give an undertaking to CCA Office that he will get his documents corrected within two months period. CCA Office will issue a photocopy of PPO Books and they will continue to release the pension till that time. CCA will release the Original PPO Books on submission of Corrected documents.

2.    Non Submission of PAN Cards -   CCA told that more than 2000 pensioners / family pensioners have not submitted PAN Card which is mandatory. In the absence of PAN Card PDA has to deduct 20% Income tax which the pensioner has to claim from the Income tax department. It was agreed that wide publicity may be given through Association Website, SMS by management etc. PENSIONERS MAY NOTE THAT SUBMISSION OF PAN CARDS IS MANDATORY AND ALL PENSIONERS SHOULD ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE SUBMITTED THE PAN NO. TO THE PENSION CELL.

3.    ALL RETIREES CURRENT and OLD whose PPO BOOK HAVE NOT BEEN ISSUED BY CCA OFFICE should timely check their PAN & ADHAR CARD and ensure that their Name / Surname etc. match with Service BOOK records. For any discrepancy they should get it corrected.

4.    ADVANCE intimation to pensioners about discrepancy of Name /Sirname – Association also requested that management should intimate in writing to the pensioners well in advance about any discrepancy noted so that pensioner may get it corrected timely.

5.    Review of the justified cases of Name / Sirname – Association mentioned some specific cases where the discrepancy is due to the administrative lapses like the name etc in the appointment letter / documents submitted by the employees at the time of appointment differs with that entered in Service Book. CCA agreed that in such cases MTNL Management should correct its mistake and issue the letter accordingly.

6.    Faulty printers – Association representatives discussed the case of printers going faulty frequently and asked him to find a permanent solution to the problem. The work of printing of PPO Books gets hampered due to the faulty printers. CCA discussed the matter with GM(IT) and requested him for a permanent solution and also asked him to have a joint visit at Karol Bagh Exchange Pension cell to sort out the problem.

7.    CCA Office asked the help of Association in distribution of Income Certificates to the retirees as they are facing lots of problems. Association representatives assured to provide all possible help in this work.


26-05-2015 – RTOWA has taken the initiative for revision of Pension of MTNL retirees along with Pay revision to be considered in next pay revision Committee being set up by Govt. Of India for CPSU’s. RTOWA has sent a letter to DOT on this issue. For copy of letter click the link below.

RTOWA Letter to DOt to consider Pension revision of MTNL retirees in 3rd pay revision Committe - click here to download file

copy of orders issued by ministry of health and Family welfare for CGHS Facility - click here to download file

copy of letter written by MTNL CO to GS regarding Arrears of Pension - click here to download file

Year wise Data of Retirees whose PPO Books are to be Prepared by CCA Office - click here to download file

Documents required for Pensioners of Apr-14 Onwards for Pr. CCA Office - click here to download file

For enrolment form to avail the indoor medical facility>>>click here to download form


(Annexure A and B may be downloaded from the file below.)

Procedure –

Documents required -

1.      Fill Annexure ‘A’ in duplicate.

2.      The Annexure ‘A’ should be verified by AO(Pension).

3.      Annexure ‘B’ should be filled (Single Copy)

4.      Two Individual Passport Size photographs of  Self and Spouse . (Separate of Each).

5.      Photocopy of Main OPD medical Card of MTNL.


All these documents should be submitted to Medical Section ,4th Floor,  Room No. 421 K.L.Bhawan from 1st  Oct 2011 to 30th Nov. 2011.


FOR ANNEXURE A& B>>>click here to download file

                 I.            Procedure to be followed to get family pension.       

Submit following documents to AO Pension:

a.    Copy of death certificate (Original death certificate is required for verification)

b.    PPO book in original.

c.    Cancelled cheque in the case of new or separate account of spouse.

d.    Request letter for family pension.

e.    Any document for personal identification.

f.     Personal appearance for signature, thumb and finger impression.

RTOWA Delhi Membership Form - click here to download file

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